Working from home has become a new normal. Companies offer their employees the choice of commuting to a physical office or working remotely. Some companies do not have a physical office and operate the business fully remote. However, working from home can have its challenges. One of the primary struggles many faces is being productive.

working from home

Despite research showing that productivity was increased for many remote workers, these high productivity levels are not shared by all. Many do find that they struggle with being productive when working from home.

If this is you, keep reading to see some of our tips on helping you to boost motivation when working from home to increase your productivity levels.

Create An Office Environment

Starting easy, creating an office environment could help you to boost motivation. Having a dedicated place you sit down and work from enables you to get into the mindset that it is a place to work and be productive. Why not convert it into an office if you have a spare room? This will help you to separate your home life from your work life. You can leave all your work belongings and equipment in that room, allowing you to turn off work when you sign off for the day. Those that do not have the luxury of a spare room find an area in the house that provides you with the space you need to have an office set up.

It is not just the space you need; it is the equipment as well. Having the right equipment will help you to be productive when working. Utilize Branch’s guide on work from home equipment. They provide a detailed list of what work from home equipment you should consider investing in to help you work productively from the comfort of your home. Some of the equipment listed could be beneficial when creating an office environment that helps you be productive.

Limit Any Distractions

Whether you have a spare room, or a garage or are working from another part of your home, you will likely encounter distractions when working from home. It could be from those you live with, such as family members, children, or friends. You might even be distracted by any housework that needs doing. These distractions can impact your productivity levels and motivation to work.

Look at ways to limit any distractions you have. You might choose to keep your office door shut and ask that no one comes into your office unless it is for something urgent. Another way to limit distractions is by wearing noise-cancelling headphones. These are excellent if you want to block out the noise and focus on the task at hand. If your distraction comes from your phone, consider putting it in your desk drawer or out of reach. This will help to remove the temptation of reaching for it.

Know How To Manage Workload

Aside from limiting distractions and creating an office environment, consider how you manage your workload. Working from home limits you from those you can speak to in person. Calls, video calls, emails and messages are different from in-person. This lack of contact can also affect how we manage our workload. We do not have the instant support of those around us. Working from home means we have to find the motivation to accomplish all of our set tasks.

Consider creating a list of what needs to be completed each day. It could be tasks you have to do each day, as well as ones with a set deadline. With your list of tasks, you can put them in order or priority or break them down into the size of each task. Having these lists can help you to see what work you have. From there, you can go through the list and mark off all the tasks you complete.

Allow Yourself To Have Breaks

When working from home, it can be easy to start work early and finish late. As you no longer have the commute, the additional time you save often finds its way into how long you work. Whilst this is great for the company, turnaround times are quicker, it can sometimes mean employees get burnout quicker. It is why taking breaks when working from home is essential. Without regular intervals, you could find that you might experience back aches, your concentration levels falter, and you feel tired – all of which impact your motivation and productivity levels.

Allow yourself to have a break. It could be taking five minutes to stand outside in the fresh air or making yourself a drink. Give yourself a chance to step away from your computer screens and refocus. When you return to your desk, you can begin work again, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your task list.

Put Tips Into Practice

Keep some of these tips in mind as you look for ways to boost motivation and increase productivity levels. Some might take more time than others to notice an improvement, so patience is essential in helping these tips work. Before you know it, you might see an improvement in your productivity levels whilst working from home.