Working from home used to be just a pipedream, reserved only for solo practitioners in very distinct professions like therapists, novelists, and certain academics. The internet has now allowed literally millions of people all over the world to live this dream.

And working from home doesn’t just mean working from home anymore. It also means you can work from anywhere in the world.

Many world travelers have taken advantage of these opportunities and have leveraged the internet to globe trot while making a living. It’s something that we couldn’t even have imaged just 20 years ago.

If you think that working from home is beyond your reach and you’re destined to live out your days in a cramped cubicle in an office jungle or behind a cash register making other people money, the opportunities that are to follow may be your ticket out. Here are some skills for resume you can include with.

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Internet Business

There are many businesses you can start online. Think of just about any business you could start in your hometown, and you can probably find a virtual version online.

Of course, things like restaurants and doctor’s offices aren’t very transferrable to the internet, but many other things are.

Take the retail business for example. Every town these days has a Wal-Mart or a Target. Essentially, anything you can find at either of these mega-chain big box stores you can find online.

That means you can start a business selling everything from apparel to books to household items to auto parts, all on the internet. The best part of this is that you don’t even need to have a building to do this.

There are software platforms like Magento Enterprise, Shopify and BigCommerce that will allow you to build a database of products in one hub platform and then list it out to multiple marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. These platforms are easy to use and setup. And you don’t even have to hire a big software development team to build something from scratch for you.

You don’t even need to buy and store tons of inventory to do this. There are services now that will dropship for you. Drop-shipping is when a manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor will pick and ship the items for you only when the customer buys from you. They handle all of the inventory and shipping. All you have to do is submit the order and address.

Freelance Writing and Self-Publishing

No matter what work from home opportunity you choose to take advantage of, make sure to leverage the skills and talents you already have. A common skillset is writing. And it turns out, you can make a decent living becoming a freelance writer.

You don’t have to have a book contract with a large publishing company anymore more to become a published author. You don’t even have to go through the publishing industry in order to make a living writing either.

There are thousands of people making a great living self-publishing their own books. Some are making as much as $40,000 a month, that’s right ‘month’ not ‘year’, self-publishing their own books.

Virtual Assistant

Maybe you don’t like to write and you don’t like to do marketing. Maybe you currently work as a secretary, receptionist, customer service agent or administrative assistant. You can work from home too.

The world of virtual assistants is an evergrowing field. The internet has allowed someone across the ocean to be able to field calls, answer emails, schedule appointments, book travel arrangements and an array of other services without ever having to be in the same location.

If you enjoy assisting others, are super detail oriented, very organized and enjoy coordinating calendars and events, being a virtual assistant may be the key to a life of working from home, or working from a paradise island, whichever you’d prefer.

Software Engineer

The most extreme remote working situation I ever heard of was a software engineer that lived out in the woods, in national forests, in a tent and worked as a contract engineer.

He used a satellite receiver to get onto the internet. He used solar power to charge up his electronics. And he spent his days in the forest while he wrote code for his clients.

If someone can earn a living programming in the woods where there is no electricity or fiber connections, you can do this basically anywhere.

The demand for software programmers around the world has enabled people with these skills to write their own ticket and set their own terms for working. As long as they can deliver the code on time and it works, they can generally live wherever and however they want.

These are just 4 real work from home jobs that millions of people around the world are engaging in today. There’s no reason anyone, regardless of education, skill or aptitude, can’t become a part of this telecommuting world.