I was in my office this morning when I heard the familiar clinking of chains against trash container as a big orange blob moved in front of my window. A few hours later, I went upstairs and saw that 3 or 4 guys had been steadily working to fill the container…and were nearly finished. No one will be finding many treasures in there though – they’ve been smashing all the furniture, chairs, etc going into the dumpster so it takes up less space. To be honest, I can’t say that I’ve seen much that anyone would probably want. But if I were to clean out a house again like we did here, I would give people a day to come grab anything they wanted for free before going to the trouble of smashing it. Naturally one would also have to sort through things first…but colored stickers go a long way to help sort things out.

Don’t know if any of these guys will be someone who is moving into the place. I’m guessing not. They have clearly cleaned out a house before because they already had their second container delivered today…something we never managed to get accomplished. Not that we didn’t fill them up quickly enough – we just never assumed that we would, or were working on a Saturday when we couldn’t get a new container delievered.

Not sure what will happen with the house. It is a relatively new house and the property isn’t bad. There used to be two older sisters living here but I haven’t seen any signs that the house was for sale or rent. So I guess we’ll see what’s going to happen.