With just over a week to go to our housewarming party, I am now in full speed ahead mode to get things accomplished around here. This morning I replanted our fig tree so that it has some space to grow finally and will retain a bit of water. I’ve moved it into the courtyard as well but have to keep an eye on the dog who always seems to feel the need to attack our plants at some point. Boredom really ends in plant devastation around here. I also started a pot of catnip for the kitties and some Lamb’s Lettuce, yellow onion and rosemary seeds in the kitchen for our winter garden. This weekend I look forward to re-potting the wine vines we bought almost a month ago since we won’t be planting them until the fall where the vines are growing now and also need to break up a pot of canna lilies which Stefan’s parents gave to us in June and I still haven’t re-potted. But I do have the perfect pots to break them up into at least two bunches. I just hope the dog doesn’t try to go for them again because she seems to love to eat their blooms.

After my potting adventure was done, next on my list of things to do was whip up a batch of chili for the housewarming party. Somehow I managed to pick a pot just barely large enough for the batch (it’s actually the largest pot we have) so I am very pleased about that. I’ll freeze this batch and then thaw it again on Friday so it just needs to be warmed up on Saturday for the party. I already have plenty of other things to make on Friday and Saturday as it is so two huge pots of chili on the stove would not really help me out any.

Aside from all that I’ve been cleaning most of the afternoon and will be leaving very shortly to go pick up Stefan from work. Then we’re off to Hornbach (home improvement store) to pick up the stuff we need to finish the chicken coop and take care of a few other things such as finally hooking up the water connection on our new fridge…that will be very exciting πŸ™‚

I’ve got to dash out the door but I hope everyone has a great weekend! Get a few projects done, even if they’re small ones!! πŸ™‚