Small and intimate but large in hospitality and adventure. That sums up in a nutshell what dive resorts are all about. They cater to people looking for adventure, yet also expect a bit of luxury.

Since we think traveling to exotic locations is something everybody should do, we definitely recommend that divers go to a dedicated resort in these places.

You get the benefit of traveling to exotic places plus a resort that knows what divers need.

In this article, we will recommend a few dive resorts that are found in some stunning settings.

1 – Liquid Dumaguete, Philippines

The Philippines is an underrated location amongst divers and even tourists in general. Which is good news if you are looking to beat the crowds and feel like you have a little slice of paradise all to yourself.

Liquid Dumaguete is a boutique dive resort that has some of the best dive sites in the Philippines.

It is a small resort that focuses on comfort and courtesy. It also helps that the diving is spectacular.

Located only 20 minutes from Dumaguete City, it is easy to reach yet feel removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you are looking to go someplace unique that people will want to hear all about then this should be high on your bucket list.

2 – Qamea Resort and Spa, Fiji

This is Mecca for just about any person who loves to dive and snorkel. Even though divers flock to Fiji, it is possible to beat the crowds at a small resort called Qamea Resort.

Before you get underwater, there are dramatic volcanic mountains surrounding the area. Then there are the ivory white beaches. And then, of course, the teeming sea life just under the waves.

The resort caters to divers of all skill levels including snorkelers.

For experienced divers there is wall diving, ripping drift dives at Somosomo Strait and more just waiting to be discovered.

3 – Misool Eco Resort, Indonesia

With your own personal cabin sitting over emerald water, the Misool Eco Resort looks like it is out of a movie.

It is located in a shark and manta ray sanctuary but don’t worry. You won’t be in danger when diving there.

There is a stunning coral reef in southern Raja Ampat, which many dive enthusiasts are no doubt familiar with. If this is not on your dive bucket list, it needs to be!

The resort is 100 miles from the closest port and 12 miles by boat from the nearest village, yet it doesn’t feel like you are isolated. You’ll receive luxury treatment from incredibly hospitable staff and eat amazing world class cuisine.

4 – Lizard Island, Australia

Located on the most spectacular section of the Great Barrier Reef is this hidden gem. Though it is not exactly an unknown destination.

It is very close to Cod Hole where groups of potato cod love to congregate making for a unique dive experience.

Though it isn’t as remote as the other resorts, Lizard Island Resort is a fantastic boutique resort in Australia.