Winters can be unforgiving and you need your furnace working efficiently to keep your family warm on cold winter nights. Not only do you depend on these systems, but homeowners also know that they are a big investment. Take care of your investment through regular checkups and maintenance.

Since a furnace/HVAC unit contains moving parts, it’s important that belts are not cracked and dry, ventilation duct work is not gapped, cracked or rusted, and components, such as coils and fans, are clog-free and adequately lubricated for unimpeded operation. This sort of evaluation is best left to the professionals.

Most HVAC Service Professionals recommend that furnace service and maintenance be done at least annually to help prevent a breakdown in the dead of winter when the furnace is needed most. There are a lot of benefits to getting it completed before the cold and crisp weather arrives. Here are a few benefits of having your HVAC system serviced before winter.

1.   Lower utility bills 

When your HVAC system is serviced annually, it will perform better.  The more efficient heating and air conditioning run, the lower your energy bills will be. It’s really that simple!

2 . Longer life span for the unit 

HVAC equipment functions best when it is regularly serviced and cleaned. One malfunctioning part can cause a domino effect that causes the entire system to break down. Without having maintenance done on your system, it will likely result in breakdowns, and eventually an early demise for your HVAC system.

3 . Less risk of breakdowns

One of the most important parts of a professional maintenance service is ensuring your system is working optimally, and all components are in great working condition. The vast majority of seasonal breakdowns can be directly traced to poor component health or airflow problems; both issues are addressed with an inspection. This means less emergency calls for repairs, leading to less money and headaches spent on the air conditioner breaking down.

4 . Your System Does A Better Job

The main purpose of a service is to make sure your system is running at tip-top shape. With annual maintenance, your system will do the best job of heating and cooling that it can. If you let service go unattended for years, you will probably notice that the system doesn’t do the same job of cooling that it once did.

As stated above, HVAC services are best sought for your heating system in the fall, well before you actually have need of your heating. This is important because it reduces the chances that you’ll find out there is a critical issue with your system while already relying on it the most.