If you need window treatments, you can choose from the vast array of types, designs, and materials available. One thing that has become increasingly common today is the preference for motorized blinds. These types of window treatments are not only stylish, but they also offer the best security when it comes to window treatments.

Here is everything about motorized window blinds.

What they are

Motorized window blinds are simply window covers that can be operated using a remote control or motion sensor. These remote-controlled shades offer you protection and privacy both indoors and outdoors. They are created with a shading system that can respond to different commands.

Motorized blinds can be operated from any smart device. A click of a button can command your blinds to open, close or darken. The best-motorized blinds in the market can even protect your home from the sun’s radiation. They can also reduce glare, control the level of heat in the room, control insect infestation, and even prevent wind and pollen from accessing your home.

You can also control the blonds with handheld remotes or via wireless wall switches.

Types of motorized shades available

Customized blinds

These types of motorized blinds require a power source to be able to work. They are designed with the needs of a particular home in mind. Therefore, they are the most unique types of motorized blinds in the market. Because of their ability to be customized, they are not cheap. The benefit is that you can be sure that you are unlikely to find a duplicate design anywhere else.

Battery blinds

If you are looking to install motorized blinds in an area with no power source, the battery-operated blinds are the best idea. These are also ideal for anyone looking to install motorized blinds on a budget. They are more affordable to install and maintain. They come with rechargeable batteries as well as solar powering options.

The DIY motorized blinds

These are the most affordable motorized blinds in the market. However, just as the name suggests, you can expect to invest a lot of your time setting them up. Most of these DIY motorized blinds only come with the functional essentials. Therefore, any additional accessories are purchases separately.

Retrofit blinds

These are window treatment options made with advanced features that can be installed into already existing motorized blind systems. Retrofit blinds come with improved software, upgraded power, and advanced compatibility options. They are relatively expensive with the cost mostly determined by the features you want.

How much do they cost?

You can expect to purchase motorized blinds between $100 and $400 per shade. The DIY types are the cheapest, while the custom ones are the most expensive. The brand of the blinds also determines how much they cost.

Available integration

The good thing about motorized blinds is that some of them can be automated and integrated with your home systems. The best-motorized blinds are compatible with smart hubs such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings.