Owning your own pool is a dream come true for many homeowners. Basking in the water after work is rejuvenating. However, pools of any size will require weekly maintenance. Perform these tasks yourself to save money on a professional service. Learn the easiest ways to clean your own pool right now.

Remove Floating Debris

Start out with the easiest step in pool maintenance: skimming the water. You might perform this task once a day because it only involves a telescopic rod and attached skimmer. Walk along the pool’s edge and carefully dip the skimmer below any floating debris. Pulling leaves and twigs from the water in this manner will minimize the amount of debris that ends up at the pool’s bottom surface.

Run the Vacuum

Invest in a pool vacuum so that you can remove any debris that’s made it down to the pool’s bottom surface. If you have a manual vacuum, use it in the same manner as a household vacuum. Move it across every flat surface. Automatic vacuums will roam the pool’s bottom surface until they’ve completed their routes.

Scrub the Pool Walls

Remove the skimmer from your pole, add a pool brush and scrub the walls. This step will take some effort on your part. Start by scrubbing the vertical walls. Extend the pole as far as possible, and finish off with a solid scrubbing of the pool’s bottom surface.

Service the Filter

Pull out your pool filter cartridge, and remove any debris that’s accumulated on it. On a regular basis, replace the filter so that it can continue to remove microbial contaminants as the water moves in and out of the system. Find pool filters at various retailers, including Maple Pools.

Check the Chemical Levels

Use a pH meter in order to verify that your water is between 7.2 and 7.6 on the device. A healthy pH level means that the pool is safe to use and won’t be too irritating to the skin. Additionally, keep up with chlorination by using specialized tablets. All of these chemical levels create a body of water that’s conducive to relaxation. Bacteria and other microbes can quickly grow when the chemicals aren’t verified on a weekly basis.

The best way to keep up with pool maintenance is by purchasing the highest quality components. Research a given retailer before you try out their inventory. Strong and resilient parts will improve your pool’s appearance and prolong its lifespan.