The Cisco 200-150 exam is a qualifying test for the CCNA Data Center certification. It is designed to check whether an individual is well conversant with basic data center storage, networking concepts, and physical infrastructure.

CCNA Data Center is a very unique Cisco certification. Unlike other credentials offered by the organization, this one doesn’t have any requirements. In case you have already earned your CCNA certificate, then you definitely will not have problems with the exam because the questions may be very simple for you. On the other hand, you are going to find some questions that involve data center content to be somehow challenging.

Cisco 200-150:Exam Details

You should expect about 55-65 questions in the Cisco 200-150 exam. The time allocated for this certification test is 1 hour 30 minutes. To ensure that time pressure doesn’t become a problem, you should avoid spending too much time tackling one question. It’s better to go to the next one.

The 200-150 DCICN exam is broken down into five sections. Take note of the percentage of each parts it reflects the number of questions that you will face.

  1. Basic Data Center Networking Concepts – 23 percent
  2. Data Center Physical Infrastructure – 15 percent
  3. Basic Data Center Storage – 19 percent
  4. Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts – 23 percent
  5. Advanced Data Center Storage – 20 percent

Some of the Cisco 200-150 exam questions are surely tricky and can be challenging for everyone. However, there is a great study blueprint that is made available to the candidates by Cisco. It is detailed enough. The majority of students who have taken this test have confirmed that it rarely contains questions that are not from the exam outline provided by Cisco. Actually, you might find only one or two such questions. Therefore, the first thing you should do before your exam preparation is to visit the official Cisco website and learn all the information regarding the exam content and study materials. Take into consideration that you should pay attention to all the topics to pass Cisco 200-150, but spend more time on the themes with more percentage in the test.

Cisco 200-150: Question Types

What types of questions should you expect to find in the Cisco 200-150 exam? Well, here are those question types you will answer:

  • Drag and drop
  • Multiple-choice questions (simple answers). Most questions in this exam are of this type. Prepare to answer many of them.
  • Simulation. These types of questions require you to observe the configuration of various devices and then answer several multiple-choice questions about those configurations.
  • Multiple-choice questions (multiple answers). You can expect not to find “choose all that apply” kind of instruction. Actually, you will be told the number of answers that are correct.

Cisco 200-150: Exam Objectives

There are certain important concepts that you should know when you are taking the Cisco 200-150 exam. They include:

  • FC port roles
  • DCB
  • STP
  • FCoE port roles
  • Sample protocols for every OSI model layer

Cisco 200-150: Exam Mechanics

It is important to be aware how the 200-150 DCICN exam functions. Here are the things you should know:

  • There is no option for going back. Once you have clicked next, you will only be able to answer the next question. Hence, you cannot review the questions you have already answered as you cannot go back.
  • You also can’t review your answers at the end of the exam.
  • A comment button is available in case you have a nasty message that you want to send to Cisco.
  • At the top right corner is a countdown time. Even though it is unlikely that time is going to be an issue, you should keep an eye on it. As you continue with the exam, you should be aware of how many minutes are left and how many questions you are yet to solve. The countdown timer is there for a reason. Make use of it!

Cisco 200-150: Reasons for Failure

While some candidates find the Cisco 200-150 exam very easy to cope with, there are many other students who fail to get the passing score at their first attempt. Failure could be due to various reasons. Let’s see what they are.

  • Using inappropriate preparation materials

There are many Cisco 200-150 books available online and in local book stores. There are also plenty of practice tests, exam dumps, and blogs. Unfortunately, not every available material is helpful when it comes to preparing for the test. Some candidates use obsolete information. Another problem is the usage of preparation resources that do not cover all the topics and objectives of the exam in a comprehensive manner. This means that there are some candidates who sit for 200-150 DCICN with half-baked knowledge as some take the test armed with misguided information. Therefore, be attentive when choosing the resources. Read the reviews and have a strong understanding of what you need. It is a half of your success.

  • Poor time management

While time is not an issue for most test takers, some fail to manage their time well and answer questions in a rush when the time is running out. Thus, train with practice tests in an environment similar to the real one.

  • Lack of confidence

Confidence matters a lot during any exam. The students who enter the test room while in doubt of their ability to score high often end up failing the Cisco 200-150 exam. Be confident!


To sum up, adequate preparation with verified study materials like from is the key to excelling in the Cisco 200-150 certification exam. Stay calm when taking the test and be sure to manage your time properly.