If you’ve been shopping around for bedroom storage solutions, you’ve probably already noticed that there isn’t all that much available. So if you live in a smaller home or you simply have quite a bit of things, you will need to get creative. 

But there’s no need to wreck your brain for smart ideas because we’ve listed the most practical and creative storage solutions in this article. 

Rattan Baskets

Rattan baskets are excellent laundry holders. Instead of opting for regular plastic laundry baskets, rattan and wicker designs are stylish enough to blend in with your existing interior style. 

But while using these baskets for laundry is a great idea, you can also use them as blanket baskets to hold your extra winter throws and blankets. Moreover, smaller rattan vases are perfect storage solutions for beauty and skincare products that are taking up space in your en-suite bathroom. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are classy, quick, and easy to install, and you can store decor, books, and other aesthetic items to enhance the atmosphere and reduce clutter. You can also consider floating bookshelves that allow you to store all your books without eating up essential extra floor space. 

Designate A Clutter Corner

If you’ve noticed that you start collecting clutter soon after an extensive home decluttering, it’s not the best idea to keep decluttering and throwing out things you either need or want. So instead of throwing out everything, designate a corner in your room to store clutter and use an elegant room divider to hide the space. 

Use The Windowsills

While you should avoid cluttering items on your windowsills in a chaotic way, you can use this space as storage with the right approach. 

Books, plant pots, and decor items placed strategically can maximize space in your room without harming the interior style. When placing items here, be sure to leave space for enough sunlight. 

Invest In A New Bed Frame

If you have a standard box bed frame, investing in a new bed frame with ample space beneath to use storage boxes or drawers is wise. Otherwise, you can also consider spending on a storage bed base that hides items better. Some storage beds have drawer compartments, while others fold out. 

Get A Bigger Dresser

Bedroom dressers are a standard form of storage. But if you’re hoping to maximize storage, it’s best to invest in a large dresser that favors width and height. You can choose a tall dresser with more drawers or a wider one offering more space per drawer. If you select a wider dresser, you can use the top to hold your TV, book collection, or anything else. 

Get Drawer Organizers

One of the best ways to keep your drawers and wardrobe from overflowing is simply to use drawer organizers. Clear storage boxes and storage drawers will keep everything in its place, so you won’t feel you need extra storage when you really just need to keep things neat as possible. 

Drawer organizer products are widely available in various designs as well, so you don’t have to use typical clear plastic boxes; there are tons of stylish drawer organizers out there. 

Choose Nightstands With Integrated Storage

While floating nightstands are a beautiful idea that complements minimalist interiors, this creative idea cannot support tiny homes or those who need more storage. 

Fortunately, you can find elegant and even luxurious nightstands with integrated storage. Some have a couple of drawers, while others offer a small cupboard space. 

Tactile Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are an excellent investment for anyone that needs more storage in their home. What’s more, storage ottomans are also great for any room of your home, and they double up as decor and an extra seat. 

But when it comes to the bedroom, opt for a wider storage ottoman that can be placed at the foot end of your bed. This way, the ottoman will extend your bed. 

Declutter Routinely

Any bedroom can seem cluttered and cramped when clutter and mess are taking over. Regardless of how many smart and creative storage solutions you have, you will never have enough storage space if you don’t invest time in keeping things neat. 

Make a habit of cleaning your room of excess clutter at least once a month. While you are decluttering, reorganize cupboards and drawers. Whether your bedroom is too small or you’re unwilling to part with excess items, there are tons of creative ways to add more storage to your room.