Smoking is a habit that many people still indulge in. Whether it’s a cigarette after a meal, during your work break or when you’re stressed, we probably all know someone who smokes. You may have noticed people switching from traditional cigarettes to other alternatives such as e-cigs. They usually emit huge clusters of vapor which usually have distinctive fragrances – check out 88Vape e-liquid for some interesting flavors! But why are vaping products becoming so popular and why are so many smokers ditching their traditional vices for vape?

Read on for the top 5 reasons why smokers are now vaping instead.

It’s cleaner

Dirty ashtrays, grimy lighters, cigarette ends, smoke and ash. I’m sure most smokers would agree that smoking is messy – it’s called a dirty habit for a reason! So, one of the main reasons that smokers are turning to vape is because of the lack of mess it creates. Vape coils doesn’t require any kind of flame so it eliminates the production of ash, grimy smoke, and the need for lighters and ashtrays. And because you’re using an e-cig you won’t create litter with your cigarette butts and won’t have to deal with dirty ashtrays either. You won’t even need to remember a lighter.

There are fewer chemicals

In theory, there are fewer chemicals in e-cigs which makes it a less harmful option than traditional cigarettes. It’s what makes them different! Ideal for those who are wanting to potentially remove the presence of harmful chemicals and maybe even look at quitting entirely.

It’s a cheaper option

So your initial set up costs may be a little more than your average pack of cigarettes, but you’ll be able to save even more money in the long run. The cost of cigarettes is constantly rising which is what makes vaping such a viable and popular option for traditional smokers. It’s a great way to reduce your monthly spend and even save a little bit of money.

The options are endless

Think of a cigarette brand and you can probably name the most common ones. They have a monopoly of the industry, making many smokers feel trapped and stuck in the same old cycle. However, when it comes to vaping there is much more flexibility and choice available. The intricacy of e-cigs means that you can even choose how much nicotine you want to consume, as well as being able to choose the flavor (there are so many to choose from), the style, the color and even the brand.

It can help you quit

Every smoker has probably tried and failed to quit at some point. However, more and more smokers are able to quit successfully thanks to the use of their e-cigs. As mentioned above, you can choose the level of nicotine in your e-cig, which in turn means you can reduce the amount until your cravings are dramatically diminished – you can even choose to go nicotine-free. You still get to enjoy the same experience – complete with a glowing tip and smoke/vapor but you don’t get the thousands of bad chemicals or dreadful smell that you get with traditional smoking products.