In a recent Wall Street Journal report, eminent psychologists, relationship experts, and marriage counselors state that when couples are choosing IKEA furniture, a majority of them get into a verbal fight. 

“The (IKEA) store literally becomes a map of a relationship nightmare,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula, according to the Wall Street Journal report.

Radio host and marriage counselor, Dr. Jane Greer, expressed similar views. “I’ve had couples go to the mat over a couch that neither of them even liked,” Greer claimed. “Underneath, every discussion is really about how important am I to you?”

After picking a furniture item, the venue of the quarrel shifts from the store to home, when it comes to assembling the pieces. It is not surprising why the Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA jokes about calling its products “husband killers”.

Here are some useful tips on assembling IKEA furniture, which can help you avoid relationship breakdowns.   

Create Space

To properly assemble IKEA furniture, clear the floor to make room for yourself. Having enough working space will reduce the chances of losing bits and pieces. Also, assemble the furniture in the same room where you plan to use it, so you don’t have to move it from another place.  

Check the Inventory

Before you assemble your new IKEA furniture, check the inventory of all parts. Use plastic bags to keep small parts and do not open the bags unless needed. This will help you stay organized and prevent the loss of parts.  

Use Your Own DIY Tools

IKEA instruction manuals not only specify the necessary tools, but they also include screwdrivers and Allen wrenches. However, it is best to use your own tools, as you might have a better command over those.  

Closely Follow the Instructions 

First, read the instructions carefully to organize the furniture parts, and then follow it step-by-step. If you find something that makes little sense, continue reading, and you will surely get an explanation.  

Make Sure to Double-Check

Double-checking eliminates the need for re-installation, which saves your time and energy greatly.  

Review IKEA Resources Online

Although there are several websites, YouTube is, however, the best tool to get IKEA assembling instructions and hacks. Plus, the world’s top video-sharing platform also features a variety of cool ideas from which you can draw creative inspiration for faster and better assembly.  

According to a study by Flat pack Assembly Services, over 50 percent of all Australians had a conflict with their partners when assembling flat pack furniture, and 6 Australians in 10, experienced a DIY disaster because of leaving out integral parts or attaching the wrong ones.  

Assembling IKEA furniture is time-consuming and tedious, as it requires close attention to every detail. To ensure optimal functioning of your furniture, and to enjoy it from day one, leave the assembling to IKEA assembly services professionals.