When you have kids, it’s hard to keep things tidy around the house. Toys are littered in every corner and under furniture everywhere—even when parents try their hardest to be organized.

But with a few tips and extra toy storage, you can create a space that’s babyproof and stylish. We think about how happy our little ones will be once they find their favorite new friend among all those blocks again tomorrow morning without even noticing where he/she went last night while playing hide-and-seek.

Here are 5 tips for making your room look stylish without sacrificing safety:    

1. Use Stylish Baskets

You’ll be surprised how many items can fit into a basket, especially one that is stylish and practical! These are great for hiding all of those toys you might have lying around. This means that the living room can be a space for everyone to enjoy without the toys taking up all the space.

2. Wobble Your Furniture

Toddlers are adorable little beings that get into all sorts of trouble. They’re not very strong, but they can be mighty persuasive with their cute faces and big eyes! When toddlers start learning how to crawl or walk for the first time – watch out because these babies will tug on anything nearby in an attempt at support (or just pure exploration). Can your sofa handle them throwing themselves full force against it?

3. Protecting Your Upholstery

Speaking of sofas, it can be hard to keep them safe from sticky fingers or sweets. If you don’t want to put a throw over your precious sofa, you could consider investing in a sofa that has a stain resistant fabric.

You should consider an easy clean sofa that has stain-resistant fabric. It will prove useful for those who want to keep their furniture clean and beautiful, especially with little kids.

4. Soften Up

If you have children, then it’s imperative that sharp corners in your home be avoided at all costs. This includes any furniture or decorations they might come into contact with while playing – which can lead to injuries.

5. Find Alternatives

If you can afford to replace some of the furniture in your living room, it will go a long way towards making yourself feel safer. There are plenty of safe alternatives for dangerous items like coffee tables and end tables that don’t have any hard edges on them. Or find alternatives like replacing your coffee table with an ottoman, which also provides more storage space for kids’ toys.

In conclusion, once you’ve identified the danger zones and know which furniture is most likely to pose a risk, it’s time for baby proofing. Hopefully, this article will at least give you a starting point and some useful tips to help you on your way.