Working from home, or working in the office? A clean, sanitized workstation is key to good productivity and keeping your mind, body, and spirit healthy.

tips for cleaning office

If you’re anything like me, and you love organizing your workspace, here are a few simple tips for you to clean the different parts of your office! We’ll be tackling those 3 most important places in your office that you should keep in mind while cleaning.

tips for cleaning office

Personal Workspace

Our personal workspace is our responsibility to organize and clean. This is the space we interact with on a daily basis, so it’s important to maintain its cleanliness for our own health and wellness.


Start by sanitizing your table. Here’s a fun trick: Hand sanitizer isn’t just for hands, you can use it to disinfect your table! Take a piece of tissue and wipe the sanitizer on your desk until it dries.


Best not to use hand sanitizer on your laptop, though. For laptops, I like to use disinfectant wipes meant for devices – just to be safe! But in a pinch, alcohol on a clean tissue works just as well. The alcohol will get rid of the fingerprints on your screen too.


If you enjoy eating while working on your laptop, then your keyboard is probably filled with food crumbs from who-knows-when. A hack to clean your keyboard fast and easy, is to use slime. Yes, the same slime that your kid loves playing with makes a great keyboard cleaner! Let the slime coat your keyboard, getting between the keys, and lift it off to see all the dirt sticking to it.


Lastly, but most importantly, you need to sanitize your phone. Your phone is home to millions of microscopic germs that can make you sick. Use a disinfectant wipe to kill the germs and, as a bonus, remove those greasy fingerprints on your screen.

tips for cleaning office

Air Conditioner

Allergy season can be daunting, as pollen and other allergens make their way indoors. While there’s not much you can do in terms of keeping allergens away when you’re outside, your indoor environment is much easier to control. Most offices have air conditioning units to keep the workspace at a comfortable temperature, and these units have filters that need cleaning.

Are you and your coworkers sneezing from allergies? Clean out the AC filter with some soap and water, just like how you would clean any screen. When you can, have the AC professionally cleaned every now and then to improve the air quality in your office.

tips for cleaning office

Break Room

Now, time for my favorite part of the office – the break room! This is where coworkers come together for casual chats, and relationship building. And of course, this is where we eat lunch, and take our coffee break; so making sure this room is spotless is pretty self-explanatory.

If it’s difficult to find time to clean the break room and other shared areas around your office yourself, you may find that availing office cleaning services is easy, inexpensive, and they can do the job right!

Tables, Chairs, and Floors

Food spills and other accidents are normal in the office pantry, but they need to be cleaned before they turn into a crusty mess. Take a clean cloth or rag, and use that to clear away any grime. Use a separate cleaning tool for the floors, if needed.

Coffee Machine

Can’t work without that nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning? Or maybe that afternoon coffee break is more your speed? It’s a bit difficult to deep clean a coffee machine, but you can get away with cleaning out the removable parts after every use.


It’s off putting to store your well-prepared, healthy lunch in a fridge that’s full of food stains and has a weird smell. Clean out the fridge weekly, and get your coworkers to join in a rotating cleaning schedule for your break room.

Sink, Dishes, and Mugs

Take initiative to start a Clean As You Go movement, which includes washing your own dishes, mugs, and any other utensils that you use. Remember, this is an office, not your house!

tips for cleaning office

Consult the Professionals

When the grime gets tough, the tough gets going! Juggling your work, and maintaining your office is a lot to put on your plate. But you don’t have to do it alone. There are office cleaning services available for you to consult, so you can get back to crunching those numbers!