Traveling to a new city means a whole new experience for you. You need to take adequate measures to ensure that you can easily blend in with the rest of the residents there, and not to appear too much of a tourist. You need to get acquainted with many rules in the city so that you don’t get in trouble, especially with the authorities.

The basic tips of ‘not to share personal details with strangers’ or ‘look at both sides of the road before crossing’ are just a tip of the iceberg. When traveling to Bangkok, assuming this is going to be your first time, we have compiled a list of tips to follow when touring the Thai capital.

1) Get a good map

The capital of Thailand is a bustling city with too many confusing street names and places. You don’t want to be asking anyone you meet for directions. To avoid any problems, you might have to arm yourself with an updated map of the city with all street names written in both English and Thai. Google maps might also come in handy, but you never know the issues one can encounter with technological devices – you might lack internet access or your phone’s battery decides to go off on you.

2) Plan for an organized tour

An organized tour is much better when planning on going on a visit to any new city as you have the chance to explore more places. Before you leave for your country, it is paramount that you have an organized plan on how you will spend your time in Bangkok. You can get in touch with your local tour agency to help you plan for your stay in the Thai capital. If traveling as a group, you can opt to travel all at once, using one flight.

3) Beware of the ‘tourist vs locals’ price tags.’

Bangkok is commonly known for its ever-busy markets. It even has open-field markets that operate twenty-four hours a day. If you feel the urge to go around the market to find yourself something nice, you should be aware of the price variations. There is a cheeky game played by the local traders who charge tourists more on commodities. Although this is a trap you might fall into, you should get a reliable tour guide who can negotiate for the prices on your behalf. Alternatively, you can check out the costs for the same product on various stores and settle for the one which seems reasonably priced.

4) Experience the MRT and BTS

Bangkok is known for their tuk-tuks, smoke-belching motorbikes, and exhilarating canal boats. Should you be looking for a seamless transport system around the town, you can opt for the BTS and MRTs. They will save you time too, as the Skytrain moves above the traffic while the underground MRTs give you the life experience away from the busy, crowded city.

5) Have a copy of your passport

Always carry with you a copy of your passport whenever you are out of your place of residence in the city. You might be required to produce it in case of any impromptu requests from the authorities or at any other situation where proof of identity is compulsory. To avoid the fear of losing your passport, you can carry a copy of it. Moreover, having a passport is a necessity when heading to and out of the country. The flight charges might vary, but you can click here for more flight info.