I have been vacationing in Bali for a few years now with my first visit back in in 2008 for our honeymoon. It’s surprising how many people think that Bali is an expensive and challenging place to visit. Bali is a top vacationing destination in Indonesia but certainly not expensive and difficult to visit. Every year, Bali receives thousands of holidaymakers and adventurous from all corners of the globe.

These are the things you should know about vacationing in Bali based on my own experiences. Some of the things mentioned here can’t be found anywhere else, so read on if you want to make your Bali vacation an experience worth remembering.

Before We Arrive

Bali is pretty open to tourists from all regions and countries across the world. We didn’t need any visa to visit Bali as our country of origin is among the 169 plus that is allowed a 30-day visa-free stay in Bali. It’s good to find out from your local Indonesian embassy whether you are eligible, don’t worry if you are not though as you can get a cheap visa upon entry

Be sure to pack a good number of cotton clothing and other loose, warm weather beachwear when visiting Bali. We were not prepared for the kind of temperatures on the island on our first visit. Avoid jeans and leather clothing if you can. You are however advised to have some decent clothing when you visit the high-end restaurants or social and cultural shrines in Bali.

Arriving in Bali

You will land in the Ngurah Rai International Airport south of Kuta. This is the only airport in Bali and one of the busiest in Indonesia. Some people refer to it as the Denpasar Airport or Bali Airport. This airport features all the amenities you would ask for including eateries stocked with both international and local snacks and meals, duty-free shops, and modern buildings. 

From Denpasar airport, we grab one of the numerous taxis near the airport. Be prepared to be hustled and shouted at by the taxi drivers jostling for customers in Bali. There are so many taxis and scooters in Bali. You won’t have a problem getting to your hotel at any time of day or night. Most tax drivers in Bali are quite nice and honest but keep an eye out for those who seem to always have a “technical problem” with their meter. You can grab an uber if you have a working smartphone with you when you arrive.

Finding A Hotel in Bali

Finding a place to stay proved to be surprisingly tricky the first time we visited. There are so many resorts in the town and along the coastline, all having their pricing structure and amenities. We stayed at an exclusive Ayana resort in Jimbaran that had some of the most breathtaking views of the coastline and amazing amenities. Oh, did I mention that this resort has one of the best spa in Bali

Eating in Bali 

The local food in Bali ranges from the exotic, boring to delicious. Food is quite cheap in Bali, and most of the resorts do offer both local and international cuisine at a reasonable price. A decent meal in a mid-range restaurant in Bali will cost about sixteen bucks while a local beer only costs two to three bucks per bottle.  

Be prepared to eat spicy food with six or more flavors in a single meal if you want to indulge in the local cuisine. I encourage you to try out the warung in its variations, krapuk, Babi Guling (roasted pork) and betutu. Most of the local foods in Bali are served with rice in various forms as it is the staple food here.

Places to Visit, Things to Do in Bali

Bali has so much to offer in terms of culture, fun, scenery, shopping, and relaxation for those lucky enough to spend their vacation there. You can have fun in the numerous beaches lining the coastline, visit the temples and cultural sites such as the Uluwatu temple, mix with the locals In the Ubud art and culture events and markets, see some wildlife in the Ubud monkey forest, visit mount Batur and wind up your day with a gentle relaxing spa treatment in the resort.

In Conclusion

Bali is open to the world, and anyone looking for a top vacation in Southeast Asia should have it at the top of their Wishlist. The people, the warm tropical weather, great food and sites, and sounds of Bali will keep me coming back every time I need a vacation.