We all want happy, healthy and energetic pets. Our domestic animals become friends and family and form an integral part of our home life. Studies have shown that owning a pet can significantly reduce stress, anxiety and depression in people.

It is only natural then, that you want the very best for your canine friend to extend their longevity as part of your family. Start by considering vitamins.


Have you ever considered that you may need vitamins for dogs skin? If you dog is molting more than usual, is scratching a lot, or seems to be uncomfortable in their own skin, you may need to consider that they are vitamin deficient in one or more areas. Your pet’s age can also be a factor, as older dogs need more help with their immune systems.

Just like humans, dogs can also fall victim to allergies or deficiencies and need assistance as they cannot directly communicate this. Observe your fur-pal over a few days to see if you can pick up any out of the ordinary behavior that might include needing extra supplements. Once you have compared this to your dog’s normal behavior, you can then deduct what vitamins may need to be provided.

There are so many factors that could affect your dog’s wellbeing – even using the incorrect shampoo to wash your dog could cause problems. Supplementing your dog’s diet and daily lifestyle with support from a good multi-vitamin can work wonders for their behavior and nature. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

Not Only for Their Skin and Coat

Vitamins and supplements keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy, provide a good energy source, and strengthen bones, joints and teeth. Your dog deserves a well-balanced and high-quality or sensible and nutritious diet daily and at times, but you may fall short of this. If so, simply speak to your vet or pet shop assistant to see where you can add in a high-grade vitamin to supplement your dog’s diet.

Vitamins have also shown to aid in improving digestion, good circulation and cardiovascular health, better mobility and flexibility in joints and boosting your dog’s immune system.

Some dogs may suffer from allergies, which can be quite uncomfortable for your pet. Allergens such as food, environmental, contact, skin deficiencies or seasonal allergies can affect your dog at any time. To minimize their suffering, provide them with a safe powerful vitamin and supplement which will provide them with relief.

If you simply want to avoid allergies plaguing your pet and want to build up their immune system to ward off any unwanted ailments, using a good vitamin for your dog daily is a great and easy way to achieve this. Think of the vet bill savings in the future!

Happy, Healthy and Shiny

A shiny coat is a sign of a healthy dog. Shiny coats can be achieved by controlling your dog’s diet and by feeding them high quality dog food or supplementing their diets with a multivitamin.

Always speak to your vet about your dog’s supplementation to provide the best care possible for your best friend.