A mobile application for a law student? Sounds weird, but nothing is impossible! It’s always a good idea to digitize more aspects of your life activities and everyday routine. We live in the 21 century, and we must take the best we can from various technology solutions. Education and technology have a tremendous effect on learners when mixed.

Is it easy to study law? Of course not, it’s considered to be one of the most complicated subjects. It demands lots of time and effort. so if you are going to study law at the university, or you are already a law student, make sure you are ready to face all the challenges. And it doesn’t mean to spend sleepless nights preparing your home tasks non-stop. We are talking about the ability to manage your time and resources effectively so you can stay healthy and take part in your private life, not just university activities.

However, there is at least one great news that actually, you can find a lot of great specialized apps for law students! We will take a closer look at some of them in this article. As a bonus, you will get tips to choose the best service to help you out with the most complicated tasks. Let us start!

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Tricks to Help You Save

  • If you have a tight deadline, and something tells you that you won’t be able to complete it within the deadline given, don’t make an order at the last minute. Do it earlier, and you’ll see that the price is different.
  • Know your professors’ instructions! If you are going to buy custom papers, you have to indicate the number of pages and many other things. All of them can affect prices. Be careful and study the instructions and any recommendations from your tutors.
  • Use previously purchased essays as a template for your future assignments. It can be helpful for you when you have time to complete a paper and for your writer as well.
  • Have the required sources. Sometimes prices go higher if there are no accessible resources, and they are not easy to get access to. As a rule, your instructor gives such references or provides info on how to reach them. Take care of the quality of your paper, it’s your responsibility to provide sources with limited access.

Top-rated Mobile Apps and Services for You

  • Legal dictionaries such as Law.com come in handy every time you need some clarification. Merriam-Webster’s Law Dictionary is another great source that explains terms in common language and understandable ways.
  • Online law databases will be in use when you some need law reports, legal norm, statuses, legal journals, and articles. Basically, each time you prepare a task, you might need some of them. Google them as their usage depends on location and specifics.
  • Converters can help you work faster and save you money and time. You don’t need to even pay for the majority of them! There are lots of apps and websites, for example, PDF to doc converter, JPG to PDF, etc. To check their usability, you can split big PDF files into small and easy to use files. It’s much better than sending a huge file each time you have to work on it.
  • Document clouds – Dropbox, Document Cloud, Google Drive are efficient and handy ways to manage and store your documents.
  • You also would enjoy the best online organizers to plan and manage your time and processes. Just google them, and choose the most suitable for you. There are lots of free and paid solutions.
  • Law courses online. You can purchase some of them to get a real certificate, but it’s a nice idea to search for courses with free access as well. Coursera, EdX, FutureLearn offer courses of superb quality.
  • Law games – amazing online helpers for those who want to study smarter not harder. Try these apps: iCivics, Law Dojo, LawCraft.

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