Eating healthy is a critical component of losing weight. You just can’t eat junk and expect to lose weight. Unfortunately, it is not that most people don’t want to eat healthily. In most cases, healthy foods are either too expensive, or not easily accessible. Someone working multiple jobs a day, or in a professional career that demands significant time input, may not be in a position to shop for healthy foods regularly. Luckily, creative entrepreneurs have come up with healthy meal plans that are pre-packaged, and measured to meet the dietary needs of the client. Here is an updated list of the best weight-loss diets for 2020.

  1. The Mayo Clinic Diet

One of the key selling points of this diet is its affordability. This is in part because it does not require the user to buy branded foods. It is broken down into two phases. The first phase is called the, Live it phase, and users usually lose about 10 pounds. In the second phase, users lose about one to two pounds every week, until they achieve their target.

  1. The south beach diet

This is another very popular diet that makes it into 2020 as a top weight loss diet of choice. Most people who use it lose about 8 to 13 pounds in 2 weeks. This meal plan is also easy to follow and is subdivided into phases. The first phase is designed to help you get off the cravings of unhealthy foods. The second phase introduces healthy food that helps a user to lose and maintain a healthy weight. One of its advantages is that the meals are pre-planned. As such, the user does not have to worry about measuring the number of calories to eat.

  1. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem has ranked as one of the best meal plans for some time now, and as expected, it makes it to the list of the best weight loss meals for 2020. One of the reasons for its popularity is its affordability. For just $8, you can get a good Nutrisystem meal. The diets are also organized into breakfast, lunch, and dinner for easier planning. The diet portions are also measured to meet the user’s daily dietary needs. The meals are also delivered to the client’s residence, for convenience.

  1. BistroMD

This meal plan is subdivided into four parts, and is relatively more expensive than the rest. Nonetheless, it is effective, and users get significant discounts on the plans. Its main advantage is that, the foods are delivered to the client’s home, and the user has the freedom to choose the foods they want.

  1. Noom

This is another diet that is growing in popularity and makes it to the updated list of 2020. It is usually divided into two namely: Coaching, and community. The coaching aspect to it entails giving the user advice on diet and lifestyle issues, for a healthier life. The community aspect entails connecting members so that they can encourage each other on their weight loss journey. It is also affordable.

  1. Weight Watchers Reimagined

This is another top weight loss program that makes it to the list in 2020. One of its key selling points is affordability. The program is designed in such a way that the user has set targets for the day. It is also quite popular because it is flexible and allows the user to eat whatever they want on weekends.