These days’ home security systems are so sophisticated that it can be difficult to know which system to choose when it comes to your specific needs. Are you getting the right amount of security? Is the price reasonable? Are you paying for equipment that you don’t necessarily need? All these questions can become increasingly overwhelming so let’s have a look at some helpful tips that will assist you in selecting the home security system that will work best for you based on your needs.


Planning Your Security System

  • Involve your family members in the decision making process
  • Make a list of reasons why you need home security
  • List your specific needs and what you want the system to do/not to do


Conduct a Home Audit

  • Consider the security concerns and issues of your family
  • Make a list of what you definitely need as well as taking in to account all entry points, who has access to keys, the perimeter of the property, and the lighting around your property.
  • Do some research on the types and frequency of crime in your neighbourhood. You can do this by contacting your local police.

An Approach Based on Lifestyle Needs

Here is a list of things that your security system infrastructure could do beyond burglary:

  • Connecting with smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Adding cameras to monitor your home in real time
  • Controlling your home’s lighting needs
  • Adding motorised window shades
  • Adding room intercoms
  • Installing storage servers and cloud based services


Searching For Home Security and Monitoring Systems

By now you have taken in to account reasons for investing in a home security system, your needs, your essentials and the integrated extras you may be able to use. Now that all that is complete it is time to start researching security and monitoring systems.

  • Compare outlets with regards to the most budget friendly security system that fits your lifestyle needs.
  • Make sure you present your wants and needs to each outlet so they can tailor a solution for you.
  • Something to ask is whether said outlet can perform a risk assessment on your home. They are essential in determining what kind of system will enhance your needs.
  • Get a few quotes before making your final decision.
  • Once you have narrowed down which systems you prefer, check with your insurance company as many of them will offer discounts based on the type of system that is installed.


Furthermore, it is important to thoroughly check out the company you are dealing with. They need to be fully licensed and registered and the employees should have police and background checks. It also isn’t a bad idea to ask your friends and family for recommendations on who they are using for their security system should they be using one. This all might seem like a bit of overkill but when you’re dealing with a company that will have access to all the details of your security system, you can never be too sure!


Home Security Installation

  • Remember to read the fine print in your home security company’s contract before you sign it. It’s important to take notice if there are early termination fees or for adding addition services in the future.
  • Once it is installed, test your security system with your monitoring company. This ensures you understand the step-by-step process if an emergency occurs.

One final thing to remember is that regardless if you choose a wireless or a hardwired system, it should be able to monitor your entire home. Every window and door that is integrated into the system is a zone. However, the number of zones a system can control varies from one manufacturer to another. Something else to keep in mind with these systems is that if you decide to choose a wired system, the installer will have to drill holes in your wall. However, if you’d prefer to have a wireless system the transmission range needs to be able to cover your entire premises and must be able to cover the zone that is farthest from your control panel.

Purchasing, installing, maintaining and monitoring of a home security system will take time and requires adequate planning. As has already been mentioned, there are many things that need to be taken in to account such as your family and the lifestyle that it has. Despite it being quite a lengthy and in-depth process, finding a suitable home security system will be all worth the effort to make sure that you and your family are safe and sound within the comfort of your home environment.