After we got as far along as we could on Friday, Covey came out on Saturday to make some further progress on the drywall. There was plenty to be done so he arrived at 8:30am and brought his son along to help out a bit. His son is 12 and apparently wants to follow in his father’s footsteps…but his dad keeps telling him that living the life of a contractor is not the way to go. At any rate, his son not only helped him hang drywall but he also played a lot with Ayla and kept her occupied which was worth a lot to us since she usually has to just hang out in the house or on her leash somewhere around the courtyard.

Covey started off on the wall between the bathroom and bedroom which we started framing the week before. We were sent to buy the rest of the supplies during the week so he could proceed with everything so he got right to work hanging the drywall on the bedroom side. Once that was in, it was our job to stuff in 5cm thick sheets of insulation so he could close up the other side of the wall.

Because we want to keep some natural light coming into the rooms, we decided to keep the windows in the horse stall doors open and build the drywall out around them. This also allows us to keep the stalls looking mostly the same from the outside as they do now.

But we’re only actually keeping one of the doors functional so that we have some solid wall space inside, otherwise we’d never have enough space for everything. We put nice thick sheets of insulation inside the door framework and will eventually close the doors off completely that we won’t be using.

By the end of the day we had the middle wall fully built out and had pulled all the electrical cables through there that we needed as well. This way when the electrician showed up, he’d just need to cut the holes for the plugs and so on.

As you can see in this photo below, the windows are now yellow because of the insulation we’ve laid behind them. We were going to have to close up at least part of the left two windows by the doors so we decided to close all three windows and will build little shutters to cover them. This way the outside will keep its original feel (which should keep the historical society happy) but makes things a bit easier in general for the build out.