The market is abundant with furnace filters. While this presents countless possibilities to the modern day shopper, it also begs the following questions:

  • What size should I get?
  • Can I get a custom furnace filter?

There are countless furnace filters available on the market. It can be quite tricky to pick the right one, so a little bit of research is necessary to avoid making the wrong purchase. Aside from differences in material and efficiency, these furnace filters also come in different shapes and sizes. If you plan on buying one but are struggling with finding the right size, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s start by answering the questions listed above.

What Size Should I Get?

Furnace filters are sized according to their thickness, length, and width. When purchased filters are of the wrong size they won’t fit nor stay in place after installation. You can find the size of your furnace by looking at the owner’s manual. If the manual is no longer with you, you can search for the size online by typing the model number of your furnace. You can also kick it old school and measure the filter that is currently installed in your furnace. Remove it and measure the length, width, and thickness. It is important to get the right measurement so the dirty air does not go around the furnace filter. Don’t forget to note that the measurement should be in inches.

Can I Get a Custom Furnace Filter?

There may be thousands of furnace filters out there but sometimes, you need to have one custom made for your home. This may be because of the measurements of your HVAC system or other factors. Nonetheless, the answer to the question is yes as some stores like Your Filter Connection offer custom filter sizes in addition to hundreds of standard sized filters.  Just remember, you need to get the right measurements before buying anything.

Furnace filters clean the air you breathe. There are different types available, with varying levels of efficiency. Do note, that no matter how good your furnace filter is at attracting dust and other air pollutants, you still need to change them about every 90 days for those that are disposable or clean them regularly for those that are not. Be gentle when cleaning to avoid causing any damage to the filter. It is recommended that you spray it down with water, but if there are way too many dust particles, then you will need the help of a gentle cleaning solution.

A huge chunk of your utility bill comes from heating and cooling your home. Believe it or not, furnace filters play a role in that department. When filters are dirty, airflow becomes restricted making it difficult for the system to function properly. This causes the whole system to breakdown. A clean furnace filter allows proper airflow, which means the system functions the way it should. This can lower the utility bill as a result.

Furnace filters come with countless benefits. Aside from improving the quality of your health, these also help lower your energy consumption. Other than that, furnace filters also do an excellent job at improving the performance of your HVAC system. Furnace filters can be a bit costly, depending on the type that you need for your home. You can consult your HVAC system manufacturer to make sure you get the right size and type.