When it comes to choosing your accommodation for a trip, where you choose to stay can make a big difference. It affects the overall vibe of your holiday, determines how easy it is to get to the places you want to visit and more. Choosing a beach location can have a ton of great benefits, here are a few reasons to consider staying at the shore. 

Wake Up Happy

It’s hard to wake up anything other than happy with the sound of waves and the sun peeking over the water. Staying by the beach means your day starts with a calm and peaceful feeling. While there’s plenty to love about log cabins in the forest, apartments overlooking cityscapes and incredible mountain views, there’s no denying that there’s something really special about the beach and the way it makes you feel. If the purpose of your trip is calm and relaxation then this is well worth considering. 

Step Onto the Sand

Forget long walks or crowded rides – with beachfront stays, you can step onto the sand in no time. This could be for a morning walk or a late night beach adventure, the shore is just a few steps away when you book accommodation on the beach saving you time, money and hassle. 

Sunsets and Sunrises

Beachfront stays offer you a front row seat to the sun rising and setting, painting the sky with all kinds of pretty colours. Since you tend to get panoramic views due to beaches being so wide and open, it can give you a much better view than just about anywhere else. 

Fun by the Water

Whether you love water sports or just want a dip, beachfront stays open up a world of things to do. Paddleboarding, snorkeling, wild dolphin swimming, there are tons of activities that are held by the beach. Before you book, look into exactly what the beach resort or area offers. 

Fresh Ocean Air

Say goodbye to stale polluted city air and hello to the fresh sea breeze. Beachfront stays let you enjoy the salty air, many people state how this helps them to sleep better and feel more calm and relaxed. If you live in a busy area, taking a break to the beach could do your mental health, and your lungs a huge favour. 

Lots of Options

From Villas for rent in St. Barts to luxury hotels in Spain to glamping on the beach and so much more, there are tons of options for places to stay and types of accommodation on the beach. Have a look into it all and figure out what sounds the most fun for you. Maybe you would prefer a private house with its own pool and amenities, or perhaps you want a beachside resort complete with restaurants and plenty of new people to chat to in the evenings.