For the modern family, the kitchen space has become an area that is known for far more than just simply cooking. A kitchen is a place of socialisation, family life and entertainment for all those who are invited into your home. Instead of having your kitchen hidden away from the world, why not consider investing in an open plan kitchen. This list will give you some reasons why they have quickly risen in popularity.


Bigger Spaces

When dealing with separated spaces, most of them can feel small and enclosed, sometimes even smothering if the room has plain white walls and does not receive a lot of light. Open plan kitchens can merge a kitchen and a dining room, or even a kitchen, living room and dining room. Not only does this mean that there is more space in the room to play with for furniture, lighting and windows, but it means that social events can be brought into the main cooking space. Social Cooking can bring a whole new dynamic to any dinner party, as your guests can now watch you cook, breath in the delightful essences of your cooking or even talk to you whilst you are preparing their main course. If your living room is combined with your kitchen, you can even have your guests watching TV whilst being able to still talk to you.


Effective Merging

The merging of two spaces (or more) into one also can come with some fun designing processes. Normally when you think of a specific room, you want a certain type of flooring or furniture to distinguish it from other areas. To allow for a bright room and the feeling of an open space, be sure to use strong flooring colours, either a dark wood or a lightly coloured carpet, to feel like the room is not cramped or too small to feel comfortable in.


Connecting with Nature

If you have a longing to connect with the outside world, an open plan kitchen is the perfect opportunity to combine a conservatory with your kitchen space. With long glass windows and even solar panelled lighting, these spaces can provide a fantastic view into your garden and can bring more sunlight into your home. Sunlight is a major factor for humans to naturally gain energy and a quick pep-up of happiness and contentedness. A well-lit room can certainly provide the means for a very happy home.


Fantastic Detailing

When you are designing your kitchen, an open planned space can provide you with a number of detailing options to construct it into the perfect environment for your personal and social life. Whether you want your space to have a futuristic metallic appeal with modern aluminium bi fold doors or a modular kitchen, which can incorporate a number of cabinets and gadgets including dishwashers, ovens, a draining board and even wall and floor units, your open kitchen can be as detailed as you like. Choose a theme and appliances that would be best fit your personality.