If your home is short on floor space, then a sofa bed really is the best way to make the very most of what space you do have. What’s more, thanks to the wide variety of sofa beds available today, you won’t have to compromise on looks or comfort.

Here’s why a sofa bed is the best bet for your small home.

Maximize Living Space

One of the main benefits of opting for a sofa bed is their small footprint when folded. In sofa mode, a sofa bed takes up much less space than an individual bed and sofa.

This leaves you with more space to live, for other items and makes entertaining a possibility, even in very small apartments where it would otherwise be pretty much impossible.

A sofa bed is almost essential if you have a studio flat, or even a one-bed roomed apartment and want to have guests stay over.


Unlike day beds, which can also be slept on and used for seating, sofa beds are extremely practical. Fold up your sofa bed and your bed and bedding is hidden from view.

Some sofa beds also have storage compartments that are great for storing your pillows and bedding, freeing up valuable storage space elsewhere. They are also an excellent option for a spare bed when you have guests staying over, but don’t have a spare bedroom to offer them.

Great for Privacy

Sofa beds give you an extra degree of privacy. There is something very personal about having your bed on show to anyone who may knock at your door, especially when you’re living in a small space!

Being able to fold away your bed and return your bedroom to living room mode helps to protect your privacy and will make you feel more comfortable about inviting around friends and acquaintances.

Hygienic & Comfortable

Sofa beds used to get bad press when it came to comfort. However, today’s models often provide the same levels of comfort that you would expect from a standard bed.

Unlike air mattresses or sleeping bags, sofa beds are raised above the ground on legs, making them more hygienic and cooler in summer. Whether you prefer a firm level of support or a soft, springy mattress – you can choose from a selection of different comfort levels to suit your sleeping habits, just like when buying a new standard mattress. You can even replace the mattress if it starts getting a bit old.

Wide Range of Designs

When you live in a small apartment, you need to be very careful not to over clutter and each piece of furniture needs to be chosen with care. With a large range of designs, from corner sofas to compact two-seats, there is a sofa bed for every setting.

Whether you are looking for a bright statement color or a harmonious, light tone, sofa beds are a great way to dress up your interior in a way you could not do with a bed and a sofa.


While it’s true that sofa beds, naturally, cost more than your standard sofa, paying out for a sofa and a bed complete with mattress and supports will set you back a lot more than a sofa bed alone. So whether it’s for yourself in your studio flat or for friends and family staying over in your one bed roomed home, a sofa bed makes a smart choice and lets you return the favor when your loved ones come to visit.


All in all, sofa beds are a must wherever space is on the short side. Even if you have a bedroom, you never know when you might need a spare bed. Comfortable, stylish and extremely practical, purchasing a sofa bed for your small flat is a fantastic way to truly maximize your living and entertaining space.