woof wednesday

Hey my peeps!

How’s it hanging?

I have another sad story for you this week — and it’s the most saddest thing every, because it’s about my life.

You see, every year around the last summer or early fall (you know, before the weather gets too crazy), a bunch of rowdy expat bloggers get together somewhere in Germany and let their hair down. Ok, they’re not all rowdy, but the get-togethers do tend to be a bit loud and boisterous from what I’ve heard. You can read and see more about the last WEBMU meetup in Hamburg right here on Mom’s blog.

This thing is called WEBMU (Whiney Expat Bloggers Meet Up) and Mom & Dad went for the first time last year. Now because I am not such a huge fan of large dog kennels (I tend to stop eating after a couple of days) and because someone also has to watch over the munchkin, the Oma and Opa are going to come stay with us for the weekend. And I’m having reservations about this.

It’s not that I don’t like them — because I really do. In fact, Oma often carries treats in her purse for me which is awesome. But they also like to go on long walks so I get plenty of exercise and I have to play the hostess of the house. So honestly, by the time they leave us, I’m just totally wiped out. I just want to crawl under the dining room table, make sure the kiddo is occupied with something else so she won’t come sit on me, and SLEEP.

And while I’m getting things off my chest — I also just miss my humans a whole lot when they are gone. I never know when exactly they are coming back and what will happen in the meantime. Plus they’ve also been talking about a trip around Christmas which I just find totally unacceptable. They’re going to leave me at home alone on the biggest gift giving day of the year? They SO better make up for it when they get home!!

woof wednesday

I mean really. With a face like this, who would want to leave me at home when they go on vacation??

As a side note, I know some people will leave their dogs at home alone in the yard for a few days if they travel. People, please don’t do this. Your dogs are social beings and they need human interaction. They are going to do their best to break out of this situation and only cause you grief. And that’s really not fair to the dogs. If you can, find someone to come spend some time with your dogs during the day or even stay in your home while you’re gone to care for them. If you use an in-home pet sitter, make sure they’ve been to your house at least once before to meet your dog and see how sitter and pet react to each other. The last thing you want is for your dog to attack an “intruder” who is hired to care for your pet(s).

If that thought freaks you out, you can have your dog stay with someone you know and trust — and who your dog gets along well with — in their home. Just be sure the person knows what they are getting themselves into and that they can handle the situation. Also be mindful of their own pets or kids and if that will prove to be  problem.

Or you can find a kennel in your area that boards dogs and see how things go. Always go out and have a look at the kennel beforehand, get a feel for the people there, see how the dogs currently being boarded there appear. In most cases, dogs will do just fine at a kennel, but if they are older or don’t deal with change well, it could be stressful for them. Mom & Dad put the cats in a kennel once and I think they didn’t eat for an entire two weeks because they were so scared in those glass rooms!

Of course, the numero uno choice is still taking your pup with you, right? Mom & Dad have taken me on lots of vacation trips with them before…but according to them, I wouldn’t have much fun on this particular trip anyway. As if — I have fun everywhere I go! I’m the life of the party!! 😉

Do you try to take your pets with you when you travel? Or do you feel dogs belong at home?

Newfie kisses,