woof wednesday

Happy Wednesday to ya!

I’ve been back at home for about a week now, after a really wonderful vacation with the neighbors. But I have to say that I’m really ready to go back on vacation already.

Ever since mom and dad have gotten home, they have done nothing but nag, nag, nag. I beg for food too much now. And I’ve forgotten my manners. And I’m apparently not supposed to remind them that it’s 9pm and therefore time for my evening treat (who says dogs can’t tell time??)

Yes, it would seem that my going to visit the neighbors for two weeks and enjoying myself has encouraged mom and dad to punish me. While I was over there, I basically was allowed to do whatever I wanted. And if I looked sad, I was almost guaranteed to get more food in my bowl or a treat.

But now I actually have to work for my food again. Sit still while mom preps my food and wait for her to tell me it’s ok to eat…. please. Who wants to be required to do stuff like that? What is this, a prison?

Don’t steal food off of the table (especially the coffee table) or counter surf? Hello! I’m a Newfie. It’s one of the things we’re best at!

You see, I’m a very dominant alpha dog. So I like to think that my way is the only way. But mom and dad disagree. So since I was a pup, we’ve been arguing about this subject. And I decided to let dad take the pack leader roll at home…but I still challenge mom from time to time. One thing about Newfies is that we can be extremely headstrong. So we usually require a lot of training to actually do the things you want us to do all the time. And sometimes even then we don’t care what you’re saying. To be honest, I didn’t listen to my humans much at all until I grew out of my crazy puppy stage (which lasted until I was 2 years old).

So what is going down in our house right now? I little something called Mind Games…which I hate. They involve little things that help me know who is the boss in this house, and put me in my place. But at least I’m still getting fed. Even though I’m pretty sure it’s not nearly enough and I’m wasting away to nothingness.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m in heat…again. And last night, I made my mom get up every half hour to let me inside….then outside…then inside…then outside. From 2am until 4:30am when I finally just laid down to rest. I even got dad to get out of bed once too. Really, you should hear the yips and barks I use. They are so overly pathetic that they can’t bear to leave me outside long. She totally loves me today!

Ok, I’ve got to return to snoring beside mom on the office floor…it’s a rough job but some Newf has to do it.

Slobbery kisses to all!