Yesterday I was working on the computer when the doorbell rang. I glanced out the window and say a young woman about my age standing out the gate. Naturally, my first thought was, “Great, what’s she selling?” Because you see, when people ring our doorbell, they usually only want one of two things: to deliver a package (hopefully for us but sometimes for our neighbors) or to sell us something.

Mackenzie happened to be taking a nap so I went out to open the gate to our courtyard. Ayla was bouncing around like a maniac behind the baby gate inside but I didn’t need her knocking this poor girl over or giving her a heart attack. So I open the gate, pureed fruit stain on my shirt and all, and the girl starts to tell me that she works for a television production company and she’s out scouting farms in the area that could be suitable for filming part of an upcoming series for ARD. I didn’t catch the name of the series (mostly because we don’t even have our TV hooked up to the cable and we like it that way) but apparently a young girl goes to visit her grandfather who lives in an old farm. And she thought ours might be suitable. Cool, right? I mean we think it’s one of the cutest farms in the area but we’re kinda partial, ya know?

So she took a few photos around the courtyard and a couple inside too. I was hanging my head in shame because everything was so dirty. That’ll show me not to delay the Monday morning clean up frenzy. I did vacuum & tidy up a bit more after she left, though, just in case we had more unexpected visitors). The photos will be passed on to the show’s producers who will then make a decision about which house they want to use. It would be about 3 days of filming but apparently before they start filming they might also make renovations to your house as they see fit for the show. So I’m thinking they might want to do a bit of landscaping outside…or have us some new shutters built? From what we’ve heard it’s often one of the best things that can happen to a house…not to mention being able to say your house was in a TV show.

The house scout did say that our rooms might be a bit small for the project…although for a farm this old in this area you will rarely find one with larger rooms than our living and master bedroom. So keep your fingers crossed for us (and if you’re in Germany press your thumbs). It could be really fun and maybe Ayla would even manage to get in on the action since the scout found her rather fascinating. Whatever selling points we need to use, we will. I’m sure Ayla would be happy to be on camera too, as long as she can do it while sleeping on the floor.