For many people, there is nothing better than a cup of tea. There’s a feeling of warmth and comfort that comes when you think about tea, but most people probably don’t think of it as a soothing bedtime drink. However, drinking tea before bed is actually a great choice. That may be surprising, as most types of tea contain caffeine. However, there are many benefits to drinking tea before bed and many decaffeinated tea varieties to make it an even better drink to set your mind at rest.

You can choose a tea that does not have caffeine or that has only trace amounts. This includes herbal teas as well as green tea, for example. If you prefer the flavor of the traditionally caffeinated teas, then you can decaffeinate them yourself. Dunk your tea bag into hot water as you normally would. Then, instead of going ahead and drinking that cup, dump it out and place the same bag in another cup. This will lessen the amount of caffeine in your drink and prevent a jolt of energy right before bed. Now that you know how to manage your caffeine in a way that won’t prevent sleep, here are the reasons why you should drink tea before bed.

It Helps Calm You

There is something about tea, regardless of how much caffeine it has, that puts you in a calmer state of mind. Even the process of getting the tea prepared provides a feeling of peace and comfort. These types of rituals can help calm your mind by focusing on something other than the stresses of the day. It provides a buffer between your busy day and the refuge of bed. This allows you to separate those phases of the day and be better prepared for sleep.

It Promotes Better Habits

One of the things that prevents people from falling asleep quickly and getting better sleep is staring at screens before bed. Televisions have been in bedrooms for decades, and now many of us hold a tiny device in front of our faces that beams information directly into our brains before we try to settle down before bed. This can become an addiction at worse, and a bad habit at best, since it doesn’t allow our brains time to settle and be ready for sleep. Making a cup of tea by getting the tea leaves and preparing the warm water provides you with a different habit before bed that is more soothing and is not just about taking in information.

It’s Healthy For Your Brain

Some teas, such as green tea, contain an ingredient called L-Theanine. This ingredient can help improve your focus and your cognitive functions. At the same time, it also encourages the activity of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. These neurotransmitters help to regulate your mood and emotions. This means that if you are stressed or anxious from a hard day, it will help your mood improves and decrease your anxiety. This will help calm you down and get you ready for a night of better sleep, instead of tossing and turning and thinking about the day that was.

Weight Loss Benefits

It might surprise you that green tea can help you lose weight while you’re sleeping. Drinking green tea can boost your metabolism and burn fat faster. Not only that, but it also helps regulate your blood sugar and your hormones related to hunger, while simultaneously increasing fat-burning hormones. This means that by drinking a cup of green tea, you will be less hungry. So, you won’t be left awake by a rumbling tummy, and you’ll be less likely to eat a large snack before bed. Eating before bed not only gives you a jolt of energy, but the habit is linked to weight gain and obesity. Your digestion will also improve by drinking green tea, so notorious sleep stealers like indigestion and constipation will not be a concern. This doesn’t mean you can never snack in the evenings but instead choose a small snack that promotes better sleep from SavvySleeper’s list to have along with your tea.

It’s Cost-Effective

One of the best things about tea is that for all of the benefits it provides, it’s incredibly affordable for just about anyone. There are so many types and brands out there that there is almost certainly more than a few options that you will enjoy. You can buy it in tea bags, or get the loose-leaf variety. There is simply no end to the potential pleasures and comforts of the different kinds of teas.

Based on what we’ve learned about tea, the advantages include faster sleep times and a better overall quality of sleep. Those two benefits alone should make it a no brainer for anyone to include a cup of tea to their nightly routine. If you react to having caffeine in your system, simply weaken the caffeine yourself or drink a tea without it. Add in a good book before bed, and you have all you need for a restful night of sleep that will leave you feeling recharged in the morning.