It might be one of the smallest rooms in your house but it is one of the most heavily used and that is why your bathroom needs to make use of every available space while still looking and feeling like a place where you want to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Luxuriating in one of those inviting cast iron clawfoot bathtubs might be your idea of unwinding after a busy day or preparing your face and body for the day ahead, whatever time of the day you use your bathroom you want it to look and feel like a million dollars.

Here are some tips and ideas that interior designers tend to use when tasked with bathroom makeover challenge.

Focus on the small details

One important tip to take on board that can make all the difference to your bathroom decorating project is to remember that by upgrading lots of small little details in the room it can all add up to a big change that manages to have a big impact.

Attention to detail such as fitting a quality mirror, creating some neat storage solutions, and laying down a super-comfy rug are the sort of touches that can really lift the look and feel of your bathroom overall.

A place to rest and relax

If there is one design feature that seems to be an ever-present in many interior designer’s plans it is the creation of a place where you can sit and relax.

If you take a look through the majority of home makeover magazines that feature designer bathrooms you will probably notice how many of these high-end rooms feature some form of seating option.

You might be struggling for floor space and an ornate armchair might not be an option in those circumstances but there are viable alternatives such as doubling up a storage unit as somewhere to sit.

All it takes is a bit of creative thinking and maybe a cushion or two to create a comfortable place to sit in your bathroom and having that option is a great way to give the space an instant uplift.

Get rid of that old bath mat

It might be practical but if you are still relying on an old bath mat that has seen better days it is going to spoil the look and feel of your bathroom in an instant.

A neat designer trick to give your bathroom a quick and effective luxury makeover is to replace that old bath mat with an attractive Persian or Turkish rug.

This high-end addition will look stunning and the wool material will work well as a bath mat too, so that is a win-win whichever way you look at it.

Is your mirror letting you down?

Staying on a theme of practicality you might question why you need to upgrade your mirror when you already have one that does the job of showing you what you look like every morning.

A basic mirror on your wall is never going to cut it when you are trying to create a more designer look to your bathroom.

It is well worth investing in a mirror that becomes a focal point in the room as it instantly elevates and transforms the vibe in your bathroom from basic to luxury and if your budget won’t stretch to anything too expensive out of the box, you will almost certainly find a classy pre-owned version if you scour the flea markets in your area.

Focus on great placement

Any interior designer worth their fee will almost certainly be good at placement when they are looking at ways to transform your bathroom.

Clutter and mess are the enemies that you don’t want in your bathroom especially when you consider how small the space is overall, which is why it is good to focus on finding a place for everything.

It is not rocket science when you think about. All you need to do is make sure that there are enough towel rings and hanging options so that you can keep everything off the flower and neatly arranged.

Clear the clutter and find a home for everything you use in the bathroom and it will definitely make a difference to how the space looks and feels.

Why not wallpaper?

The default option from a practical point of view is to tile your bathroom and while there is nothing wrong with that idea there is an option that can instantly create a luxurious feel.

It is not that difficult to find wallpaper that is designed to be hung in a bathroom and cope with the humidity and steamy conditions and that means you can really go to town with a bold and vibrant design.

You can make a real statement with a luxury wallpaper in your bathroom so check out that option rather than simply settling for tiles every time you do a makeover.

Don’t forget lighting

Lighting is a key tool for changing the mood and accent of a room and interior designers know how effective this tactic can be when looking to uplift a space like a bathroom.

See what lighting options you can use to give you the sort of light coverage you want from a practical perspective whilst allowing you to create a more calming and ambient feel when you want to relax and unwind.

The illusion of space

Marble can be expensive as an option in your bathroom but it can do a great job of creating a luxury feel and it also offers a potential solution if you want to make your bathroom feel bigger than it actually is.

Using a combination of coordinating marble on the walls, floors, and even the vanity unit will look classy and create a very clever illusion of space at the same time.

Marble used in this way can look modern and relevant and it is trick that designers turn too when they are trying to show off a small bathroom in its best light.

Use some of the design tips that are employed by the professionals and you could soon be admiring a new bathroom in your home that has a real touch of class and is very easy on the eye too.