Summer is here and many homeowners are decorating their homes accordingly. It’s the time of year to introduce darker, warmer colors into your home (straying from pastels) and create open-spaced rooms. Sure, there are many design characteristics that describe summer home decor, but what really what really differentiates it from spring, fall and winter home design is the use of heavy indoor lighting.

Types of Lighting

First, let’s discuss the two forms of lighting: artificial and natural. Spring decor usually has a heavy emphasis on natural lighting which is radiated from windows, doors and open nooks. Why is this the case? Spring has longer days, and therefore, light is used as an effective element for design.

Fall and winter have a heavy emphasis on artificial lighting, which is any light that doesn’t come from the sun (lamps, for example). Because nights are longer during these seasons, it’s essential to have artificial lighting throughout your home. Over the years, artificial lighting has become a centerpiece in fall and winter home decor.

Because summer is a transitional season that is in the middle of longer days and longer nights, home designers usually create a balance of both artificial and natural lighting to correspond with daylight hours.

If you’re looking into designing your home to reflect the summer season, you may want to consider the following ideas that’ll help you brighten up your home!

Natural Light

There are different ways you can use natural light in your home. One of the ways is by opening space next to your windows. Not only will you be able to de-clutter your house (or the window area at least), you’ll be able to take in the benefits of natural, window light.

One of the most popular window designs in 2013 has been the bay window. Known for it’s large height and length, bay windows pour light into your home a lot better than normal sized windows. You’ll also be getting a great street view as well!

Another way to take in natural light into your home is with glass doors. One of the most popular glass door designs that has been gaining momentum in the home decor industry is the classic, French door. French doors are double doors with a glass middle and wooden borders. Whether you’re in the living room, master bedroom or kitchen, you’ll be able to light up the room handsomely with all the natural light that french doors provide.

Bear in mind that natural light intensity emanated from windows and doors can be controlled by using drapes or blinds.  Blinds are also a good way to add style and a feeling to your home.

photo credit: francescopratese via photopin cc

photo credit: francescopratese via photopin cc

Artificial Light

Lamps are good way to light your home during night hours, but homeowners need to be wise when it comes to using specific lamps to decorate their homes. Having several, small lamps in your home could increase your energy bill.

What forms of artificial lighting can be used in your home without increasing energy costs? By using lighting fixtures, or ceiling lamps, you’ll be able to light entire rooms with only one light source. Not only are lighting fixtures easy to install, but they’re also available in a variety of colors and designs. One of the most popular designs in 2013 has been the Sputnik light, which not only illuminates rooms, but also serves as a home decor centerpiece.

Redecorating for summer can be easy, especially if you begin with lighting. Be aware that energy rates spike in the summer, so it would be wise to make the most out of natural lighting and always buy energy-efficient bulbs for your lighting fixtures. Not only will you be saving cash, but you’ll also be appropriately lighting your home for the season.

photo credit: dachalan via photopin cc

photo credit: dachalan via photopin cc