So I was thinking about various gadgets that are great to have in your kitchen and came down the list to the tortilla press. I know for many this would be an absolute waste, but we eat a lot of flour tortillas here (almost weekly taco nights) and at about 25 cents a tortilla (I did just find some on sale for 16 cents – the big ones of course), I have to think that there must be a cheaper way!

There are lots of cast iron tortilla presses out there but shipping a 5 pound box over to Germany just gets more and more outrageous in price, so I started to wonder if one could make their own press out of wood. And what do you know? My search came up with this nice little tutorial on Curbly about building your own press. Sweet!

Now one could just go low tech and roll out the tortillas with a rolling pin (sandwiching the tortillas between lightly floured plastic wrap sheets will help prevent sticking) but if you want to be a serious tortilla maker, you need a press.

So it’s not at the top of my list of things for hubby to make…but it seems pretty simple so maybe one of these rainy days he can find some scrap would that will work for this πŸ™‚