The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture Review {Garden Life Link-up}

ultimate guide to permaculture review

Before we got this whole move to Berlin started, I was contacted by Skyhorse Publishing about receiving a few books of theirs for review. I've read several of their homesteading books (including The Joy of Hobby Farming) in the past and really enjoyed them, so the book worm in me was thrilled to receive another volume of knowledge from them that I could devour. Choosing just one book from their extensive collection of books on all types of subjects wasn't easy, especially now that our living … [Read more...]

{Garden Life} Who’s coming with me?


I had every intention of posting this right before moving day, but it just didn't happen. So instead I'm posting it now and that's okay too since I'm fairly certain that once we get through this incredibly hot spell here, all of these plants will have survived. That wasn't exactly a sure thing a few weeks ago when I dug them all up... As you might have noticed in some of my other posts, we do have a small balcony at our new place. It's big enough for Ayla to comfortably stretch out on even … [Read more...]

{Garden Life} Greenhouses – why you need one today


Although we've left our greenhouse (which we poured hours and days worth of blood, sweat and tears into) behind us at the farm, having a greenhouse is an extremely practical thing which can give you months of extra gardening, especially in colder climates. Benefits of Having a Greenhouse 1. You can control the climate -- For the most part, well-built greenhouses will give you the opportunity to evade frost, harsh winter temperatures or even to boost your temps under the roof to grow exotic … [Read more...]

{Garden Life} Don’t be afraid to experiment

2011 Garden _ 2

Are you looking for a new way to bring healthier food to your family's table? Hop over here now to win a copy of Real Fast Food before the giveaway ends! The following post was written by the lovely Carrie, who I've had the pleasure of getting to know better over the past few years via NOH and her own blog. Carrie writes about books, finances, and personal growth at her blog, Carrie’s Busy Nothings. She’s a lifelong fan of Jane Austen and world travel, and has never been known to turn down a … [Read more...]

{Garden Life} Great kitchen garden ideas


Our move to Berlin is now only about 3.5 weeks away, and now that a lot of things have been cleared out of the farm, we're really starting to think about ways that we can make our new apartment fitting for us. Although we're still waiting for the final signature from the landlord, it already feels like home. Since it's an incredibly beautiful place without any help from us, so it won't take much from our side to make it truly incredible. But there are certain things we've grown used to doing … [Read more...]