Do you ever find yourself in this scenario?

You come from the grocery store and you’ve got a ton of shopping bags in the back of your car. Maybe it’s one of those days and one bag falls over…you use lose a can of corn under a seat and some sour cream rolls to the gate. You’ve got a bunch of things on your mind and a ton to get done, so you want to take as few trips from the car to your kitchen as possible….

Or perhaps you’ve got a metropolitan lifestyle like we had in the city and you don’t even have a car to transport your groceries. But rather a bike, public transportation or your own two feet are the only method of getting everything from A to B.

The big question is…how do you get everything from A to B with the least hassle and no ripped bags along the way??

Meet Grocery Gripps, the hands-free grocery bag handle and carrier.

A heavy duty nylon sling, Grocery Gripps allows you to bundle your grocery bags (and many other items with handles) together so that they can be easily transported. Whether you are walking, driving, biking or blading, you can effortlessly carry a bunch of bags without them slicing into your fingers.

You also have a lot better range of motion if you carry the bags on your wrist or over your shoulder, freeing up an entire hand when you need it most to locate keys, open a door, answer a phone, look at a map or make a payment.

Grocery Gripps are specifically engineered to be ergonomic. They keep the weight of your bags spread out, even when the bags bunch together. Plus, the soft abrasion-resistant nylon material they’re made of all but ensures that you won’t get so much as a callous on your hands!

The Gripps come in a variety of colors, and my favorites are the bright blue, green and orange because they’re easy to locate in the back of your car, purse or other bags. I like to leave a few cloth shopping bags in the car and have a group bags ready to go at all time. So I toss the compact Gripp into one of the bags and always have it ready.

The functionality is quite simple. Loop the Gripp through the handles of your bags and close up the handle by either lining up the Velcro on the ends of the Gripp…or loop it through itself to create a longer strap.

If you can carry all of your groceries at once, you’ll never again need to worry about putting a shopping cart back in a bay or walking back to the front of the store…which can come in very handy during adverse weather!

See Grocery Gripps in action in the following video:

What I Think About Grocery Gripps

I love the durable natural of the Gripp and the quality feel of the construction. In fact, they’re so durable that they have a 90-day risk free trial period and a 10-year replacement warranty. I’ve found the Gripp to be extremely practical and know that if I’d had something like this when we were carrying our groceries up three flights of stairs in Berlin, I would have been a whole lot happier many days. Bags with thin handles can be brutal! It’s also awesome for carrying those wretched dry cleaning hangars that are no fun at all. With little effort, I’m sure you will find many other uses too, from boots to beach chairs.

One problem that we often found ourselves running into when we visit our farmers’ market on foot is that we want to buy a week of groceries, and those get heavy, especially fresh fruits and vegetables! There may also be deals that are almost too good to pass up, but what do you do if your hands are already full? With a tool like Grocery Gripps, you never have to worry about those problems again, because you can carry more weight with less effort.

Here are a few more of my thoughts about Grocery Gripps in my own short video:


Show Your Support

If you’d like to get your hands on a Grocery Gripp today, visit their Kickstarter campaign so they can raise enough funding to keep this business going – and get some sweet supporter perks too! They are half-way to reaching the goal of at least $10,000 pledged by You’ll also help ensure that the following awesome colors get introduced to the line! Instead of the usual $19.95, you can get your hands on a Gripp for as little as $14 each!

Don’t delay – save your fingers today!