Granite is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all the natural stones found on earth. But, it nonetheless needs right care and protection to maintain its beautiful and vibrant look.

Granite is found in a variety of colors and patterns that give your home a luxurious look. However, cleaning and maintaining granite flooring is what people find difficult, mainly due to a lack of knowledge on the topic.

There are several products out there that promise to do the job, but most of them end up failing the test. What experts suggest is to make your own granite cleaner, it’s not only affordable but also effective.

Here are ways on how you can naturally clean granite:

  • An essential factor you must understand is that granite is a material that catches stains very easily. This is why you have to be very careful when eating any kind of food. And in case you end up spilling something, you must take action right there and then. If you let food lie there, it would result in a stain which may be difficult to get rid of. The best solution is to clear right away.
  • You should remove dust particles and tiny debris regularly using a dust mop. Mopping on granite is smooth and helps to keep your granite floors clean and away from the damaging effects of abrasive dirt.
  • Sharp objects can leave scratches on the granite and frequent walking over the floor can result in the accumulation of dust. To prevent scratches and dirt particles, use a dry mop over the flooring at least twice a day. Avoid using rough cloths or materials to clean the floor as it would create scratches all over the floor.
  • Having granite countertops in the kitchen can turn out to be a challenge because they’re vulnerable to water, grease, acids and food stains. The best way to keep these damages away is to clean up spills as quickly as they occur so that acidic liquids and other materials do not penetrate into the porous granite and make a stain.
  • If somehow you fail to clean a spill immediately and the substance gets enough time to set, all you have to do is grab a damp sponge or a clean piece of rug and dip it into your dish washing detergent, apply on the area and clean it off. Next, clean the area with water to make sure the detergent leaves no mark.
  • Due to the fact that granite is a porous material, it may sometimes catch stains. If your granite floor or countertop catches an oil-based stain, then hydrogen peroxide can help you get rid of it. Form a paste using peroxide, water and flour, apply it over the stain. Take a plastic piece and wrap it over the paste and leave it overnight to soak up. In the morning, use a sponge dampened with warm water to dispose of the residue and stain will be cleaned off.

If you have neglected cleaning your granite floors for a very long time then it is time to give a call to a cleaning specialist and get it cleaned to make it as good as new.