My easy Easter decor

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I almost didn’t decorate for Easter this year. Partially because we’re going to be spending the holiday with Stefan’s parents in Bavaria…and partially because I could not for the life of me find the box that I just knew was here somewhere, holding all my decorative Easter eggs hostage.

I’m the type of gal that likes to use the same stuff over and over again each year, usually in slightly different ways each time. I used to have these cool hand-painted eggs that were real eggshells that had been blown out. But they fell out of their box while I was moving them a few years ago and smashed all over the place…and that’s when I decided that breakable things were not my friend. So our eggs are plastic, but I’ve still managed to find some very cool ones.

For example, in our kitchen, I put up a couple of ivy garlands on our light above the dining table and then decorate that. I love decorating this lamp and fix it up at Christmas too.

Easy Easter decorations

These are my favorite eggs at the moment, I just love the colors and the speckles. And the little rabbits I picked up a couple weeks ago at dm while I was out buying completely unrelated stuff.

Easy Easter decorations

Something I really love about Easter in Germany is that a lot of people also decorate the trees outside of their homes too. You will find eggs hanging all over the place which I think looks so neat. Here’s a few in our white lilac tree. I only put them on the branches I could reach — which isn’t many since this tree is pretty huge now.

Easy easter decorations

But our little Christmas tree that was found on the curb because someone was throwing it out has become an Easter tree right now. Mackenzie actually took ALL of these eggs off immediately after we put them on. But today she decided it was time for them to go back on…probably because she wanted to use her cart which was storing them all for something else. 😉

Easy easter decorations

And of course, it is crucial to have a good helper when decorating. It is in no way cold enough here to warrant that hat…but she wanted to wear it anyway. I’m really looking forward to watching her hunt for Easter eggs this year — last year she was just way too young to understand the concept. But now she’s a master at finding any and all eggs in the vicinity!

Easy easter decorations

Looking for more decorating ideas for Easter?

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  1. Charlie Sommers says

    Long ago, when I was a kid, we kept a flock of about 50 chickens that gave us plenty of eggs both for consumption and trade with professionals like our family doctor. Part of the fun we had at Easter time was the egg decorating that was always done the day before Easter Sunday.

    After coming home from church services and enjoying our noon meal my father would take the eggs outside and hide them for us to search out. After being hidden and searched for many times during the course of the afternoon the eggs were peeled and eaten. We were too thrifty (poor) to throw them away.

    I remember one year that one of the eggs wasn’t found. I discovered it several weeks later and decided to crack it open and see what condition it was in.

    Phewwwww!!! :-)

    • Tiffany says

      Um yeah. I have a fear of not discovered a hard-boiled egg at some point lol. On the other hand, Ayla would probably find it long before it gets too smelly!

      If we use real eggs this year, they will definitely be eaten. Do people actually throw them away? Good grief. They’re good eggs! Deviled eggs, tuna salad, sliced up on sandwiches or just as they are with a bit of salt & pepper at breakfast — there’s a lot of ways to eat a cooked egg! Funnily enough, you can actually buy colored hard-boiled eggs year round here in Germany. I guess they color them so they can’t be confused with raw eggs. They’re pretty popular for breakfast.

      I can just imagine all the fun and excitement of decorating the eggs and the hunt! I can remember quite a few egg hunts I went to at my church when I was younger. So many good memories!

  2. Charlie Sommers says

    Tiffany, If you ever get your raw and hardboiled eggs mixed together it’s easy to separate them. Just give them a spin on your counter, tabletop, or any hard surface. The cooked ones will spin like tops but the raw ones will make one or two lazy turns then stop. :-)

  3. says

    I love the idea of the Easter Tree. A year round tree for decorating is a great way to bring the outdoors in and to unite symbols of nature with the celebrations of our lives. I love those egges in the second picture. Very cool.We love to decorate our wooden Festive Tree year round and I’d like to find some of those!

    Thanks for sharing your great photos!

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