Whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere or “down under” like Lara (the other of this post), these tips will help you plan a lovely party in your yard or garden, at any time of the year.

The moment that the temperatures start to climb in October, and the barometer is set to ‘Fair’, you can start to believe that summer is on the way. This is the traditional time of the year for Australians to brush off the barbie, and tidy up the garden in preparation for a party.


Make a start in the autumn

It’s a good idea to make an early start, tidying your garden in the spring. December and January are the perfect time for enjoying the fruits of your labours and hosting parties, but the sun in some parts of the country makes it too hot for too much physical exertion. Spring is also the perfect time of the year to invest in some garden furniture or to re paint your existing items. Track down some cheap sheds so you’ll always have somewhere safe to store lawnmowers and other garden equipment. You don’t want to leave precious garden tools lying around, small children always seem to make a beeline for these, so lock them up out of harm’s way


Careful planning will help create a wonderful party

You’ll need to make sure that your garden is safe, before inviting your friends over. Make sure that all walls and other structures are in a good state of repair. It’s a good idea to get out the pruning shears and trim any stray vegetation, if you have trees on your property, check the branches in order to avoid any mishaps from falling debris. It’s also a good idea to hire a marquee, or some sort of shade, if you’re considering hosting your party during the heat of the day. The ACS Distance Education website has some useful suggestions about how to create the perfect setting for a summer garden party.


Bring the inside outdoors

If you haven’t got too many flowers in your beds and want to spruce up your garden’s appearance, why not invest in some attractive pots and hanging baskets. You could place smaller pots on tables and have larger containers placed on your decking or patio. If you’re hosting your party in the evening, then make sure that your space is well lit. People do need to see where they’re going and what they’re eating. If you buy some solar lights you’ll be able to enjoy these the whole year around and they’ll give a sense of style to your garden. Good Housekeeping magazine suggests that you should try to make life as easy as possible for yourself. So, place rubbish containers around the garden and use durable crockery.


Enjoy your garden and your party

As long as your garden is safe, you have mown the lawn and you know that you have done your best to create a great space for entertaining; then you can plan the food and drink. A buffet is often the best idea for a garden party so that people can help themselves. Once you’ve decided to host a party draw up a checklist, which should forestall any last minute panic. As long as you send out the invitations on time, you’ll be able to look forward to your occasion and enjoy your party.

photo credit: ALT Summit via photopin cc

photo credit: ALT Summit via photopin cc