Nature is the perfect antidote to our stressful modern lives. The fresh air, the abundance of colors and the sounds of the wind and water all give us a lot of peace of mind.

Yet, being so busy, it is hard to find the time to get out into the wild and recharge the batteries. That’s why we need to decorate our houses with as many natural elements as possible. This way we can turn our houses into a refuge where we can leave the real world at the door.

In this article, I will go over several ways to bring nature into our houses to create a little oasis.

1 – Use water features

We often only think of adding water features like fountains outside. There are plenty of options for water features for indoors that can bring a bit of nature inside the home.

These can range from wall mounted waterfall fountains to simple tabletop fountains. The material also varies but if you are looking for rustic decor then use natural elements like wood or stone for the base.

Besides the beauty these fountains bring to your home, they also bring peace and calm. The sound of water is a natural way to destress as it provides a meditative atmosphere. It is white noise that cancels out all the loud noises from outside.

2 – Go green

A house filled with plants is one that has pure air quality. An abundance of plants will cleanse the air of carbon dioxide and fill it with oxygen that will give you the same energy as being out in a forest.

Add different shapes and sizes for your plants. You can fill dead spaces like corners with tall plants like trees or even have a shelf full of smaller ones. Then small plants can be placed around the house on other shelves or end tables.

You should even grow some fresh herbs in your kitchen so you can cook with them. If you can’t have a garden outside then this is a great compromise to still eat fresh foods. Besides, fresh herbs are very good for you.

3 – Use nature themed artwork

Big, canvas paintings with natural settings like a forest or beach will really lighten the room. You can even tie in the artwork with a decor theme such as seaside by adding other elements around the house. Shells and driftwood from a beach will add a nice touch to any room with a painting of a beach.

Forests can do the same if you have lots of plants. Then you can use wood accents around the house to further the illusion that you are out in a forest besides just from the painting or photograph.

4 – Natural light

Drapes are great for privacy, but not great for letting in natural light. Try adding some ceiling windows to add as much light into the house as possible. If you have south facing windows that look into a backyard, then get rid of the drapes if nobody can see in. this will let in a ton of natural light to make your house feel more airy and let the outside in.