If you have recently become engaged, then you will no doubt be thinking about the big day and what you need to plan and organize. If you haven’t researched wedding preparations until now, you might be surprised at how much there is to do.

From choosing the rings to organizing the honeymoon, there are a host of elements that need sorting before your big day arrives. Here are 6 things to plan for your dream wedding.

Save the Date Cards

It’s not just invitations that you need for your wedding – Save the Date cards are also necessary. They are typically sent around three to six months in advance, and provide guests with the date and location of your wedding.

You can buy packs of Save the Date cards online or from a host of retailers, but for continuity purposes, many couples prefer to have them made in a similar format and color scheme to the wedding invites.

Finalizing the guest list

Figuring out who to invite to your wedding can take time. It’s a good idea to get your partner involved in this part of the wedding planning so that no one from their side gets missed. Your venue of choice will advise you on maximum numbers as well as cost per person, which should help immensely.

Make a list of those closes to you both first and then agree on how many extra guests each of you can invite. If you have exceeded the maximum, you can reduce this by inviting guests without the addition of a plus one, and excluding those people that you rarely see or speak to. You may, of course, offend someone, but if you are working within strict parameters, it’s sometimes unavoidable.

What style of wedding do you want?

For some, their dream wedding involves a church ceremony and a reception suite in a luxurious stately home adorned with flowers and twinkly lights. For others, it may be a large beach wedding complete with live music, an aisle on the beach, and a bamboo gazebo, like those which can be booked through Florida Gulf Beach Weddings.

Whatever your preference, it’s one of the first things you should organize. Some people book their weddings years in advance so getting a date that suits may be harder than you think.

Choosing a color scheme

Your color scheme will dictate many elements of your day, so it’s a decision you should take some time over. Many people will pick two of three different colors that complement each other and use those throughout the wedding. Bridesmaids dresses, flowers, chair cover bows, and table settings will usually all follow the same color theme.

If you are unsure what colors go together, have a look online, or buy some wedding magazines and spend a bit of time figuring out what you like best.


You will want to remember your day forever, and what better way to do it than with beautiful photography. Just like wedding venues, good photographers are booked well in advance, so don’t delay. Most will have a website displaying their work, so it’s a wise idea to have a good look at their previous work. They all have different styles and use a variety of photography methods, so you must find a photographer that you love.

Most photographers will have a variety of price packages to suit many different budgets, and some may even agree on a payment plan so you can spread the cost if needed.

Hair and make-up

Every bride wants to look stunning on her big day, and although her dress is probably the key element to that, hair and make-up are also important. It’s a good idea to have trials done of both so that you can try out different hairstyles and choose the make-up application that is best suited for your day.

Although you may want to wear a little more make-up than usual, you still want to look natural, so don’t be frightened to let your make-up artist know if you don’t like something. You need to look and feel confident when walking down the aisle, so make sure that you like what you see in the mirror. If you aren’t honest and don’t speak up, you could regret it for years to come.

Find out if your stylists can come to your home on the day of the wedding. Although it may be feasible to visit a salon, the morning of your wedding can be stressful, so although it may cost a little more, having them come to you will be a welcomed relief when your big day arrives.