Do you know what exactly is in your dog’s food? If you make your dog’s food, then you will, but if you are purchasing their food (which is usually the easier and more convenient option), then it is unlikely that you will know exactly what you are feeding your furry friend and whether or not they are missing out on essential nutrients. There are a number of health benefits to feeding your pet homemade food, but if you don’t have the time or the resources to do so, then there are plenty of things that you could easily add to your dog’s diet to improve their health and quality of life.


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants. These help to prevent cell damage, which is a major cause of cancer. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for senior dogs who may be suffering from conditions such as arthritis.

Coconut Oil

There are many benefits to adding coconut oil to your pup’s diet. One of which is improving your dog’s cognitive function. It also helps to promote healthy skin, digestive function, metabolic function and immunity, just to name a few.

Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fish oil. These are great for your dog’s coat and skin and they are especially beneficial for dogs who suffer from allergies or itchy, dry skin. Fish oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory and has been linked to reducing the size of tumors.

Green-Lipped Mussel Extract

Glucosamine sulphate can be found in green-lipped mussel (GLM) extract. This is used for treating arthritis because it helps make the joints stronger, promotes the growth of cartilage and reduces pain. GLM is also full of amino acids, antioxidants, omega-3 fats, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and many more nutrients. Skin inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders and Lyme disease are just some of the conditions GLM treats.


Kefir is a probiotic, which means it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in your canine’s gut. This means it’s great for your dog’s gastrointestinal health. It can also reduce the onset of allergies and reduce the risk of urinary tract infection development. Kefir has also been known to stimulate the body to produce chemicals that help fight cancer.


Different parts of the pumpkin have different health benefits. The seeds are full of oils that improve the health of the urinary tract, which is especially helpful for dogs who suffer from urinary incontinence. Natural canned pumpkin is full of fiber and helps with constipation. It is also full of water, which will keep your pooch hydrated.


Adding turmeric to your pet’s natural dog food is highly advisable. It contains many anti-inflammatory compounds, which have been linked to slowing down cell damage and inhibiting enzymes that induce swelling and pain. This is great for treating pets who have arthritis. Turmeric also contains antioxidants, which can prevent cancer.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to help improve your dog’s health. A dog’s diet is a delicate thing and you should never rush anything when it comes to introducing new foods to your dog. You should always speak to a vet before changing your dog’s diet and get advice when it comes to portion sizes.