If you’re a dog-lover, then you’ll always be striving to provide the best when it comes to your four-legged best friend. It’s tempting to always want to share everything with your dog, including the best meals from your own plate and various treats to show them how much you care. It’s not always possible to provide your dog with everything they might beg for, however; most of the food items not suitable for dogs are well known, such as chocolate, for instance. However, you may be surprised which foods are actually perfect for your dog’s diet.

Here is a list of foods which could actually be of benefit for your dog.


It’s common knowledge by now how much coconut oil and milk can improve your health, whether through cooking or beauty treatments. Did you know, however, that coconut can be a good inclusion to your dog’s diet, too? Coconut contains lauric acid, which is great at fighting bacteria and viruses. This acid can also help your dog with skin conditions such as flea complaints and an itchy coat. Coconut milk and oil is also safe to be consumed by your dog – just be careful to avoid the hard shell as a choking hazard!


Cranberries work wonders for the digestive system and stomach in humans. Cranberry for dogs can have huge benefits on the bladder and urinary system, and help to fight urinary tract infections. There are some risks involved with cranberries if given to dogs in large quantities, so moderation is key, and you may want to consider a supplement alternative which includes cranberry in order to supply safely to your canine friend as part of a healthy diet.


You may relate this one more with another breed of four-legged friend, the cat; but the health benefits of fish are relevant for your dog, too. Fish contains healthy fats and amino acids which are perfect for your dog’s diet. In particular, salmon and sardines are a good option for your pet, as they are easily digestible and packed full of vitamins and protein. If feeding your dog fish, you should ensure that it is fully cooked and never raw.

Cooked Eggs

Good news: if you’re dog is always watching you while you cook your breakfast, you can share an egg with them! Cooked eggs offer a great source of protein for your pet pal, and also have the ability to help with an upset stomach, too. Ensure the egg is cooked through thoroughly before offering to your pet.


Honey is full of nutrients for your dog, and this sticky substance will also help to keep them entertained for a while as they attempt to lick every tasty drop from their chops. Honey has vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, along with potassium and calcium, so as you can see, it is packed with good stuff for your dog. Small amounts of honey can also help your dog to become more accustomed to pollen, which is great for avoiding sneezes and allergies.