Try as we might, sometimes it’s just impossible to be on time for everything! Whether it’s because you slept through your alarm, your commute was held up by something beyond your control, or you simply lost track of time when checking your phone in the morning, we’re not perfect and are sometimes late. If this happens once or twice then it’s usually no problem, but if you’re always late, then it stops being cute and becomes a problem – especially if you’re constantly late for work.

Of course, it’s a lot easier if to get to work on time if you do this remotely! But for those that don’t have this option, we’ve provided a few tips that will improve your punctuality and ensure you’ll be an early bird from now on!

Try to care more

While this doesn’t sound easy, try to picture yourself as the other person who is constantly waiting for late people to arrive. If you’re trying to host a meeting or even going on a first date, imagine how annoyed you’d be if someone texted you: “Sorry! Will be an hour late!” Try to care about other people’s feelings when preparing to leave the house, and you’ll quickly find that it’s less about you, and more about them.

Get everything ready the night before

We waste so much time in the morning when we’re rushing around preparing lunch, choosing an outfit, and packing our bags. Wouldn’t it be better to do all this the night before and simply breeze into your morning routine without stress? Doing as much as possible when you have spare time will allow you to cut corners the next day.

Wear a watch

It sounds so simple, but by wearing a watch, you’re constantly aware of the presence of time and its effect on you. Sure, you have a clock on your phone, but your phone is often hidden away in your pocket or bag. A quick glance at your wrist can show the time and make you hurry up! You might as well get something fashionable so that you’re actually happy to wear it, like a fancy IWC option.

Check social media when you get home

We can get into a bad habit of checking social media whenever we have a free moment, even as soon as we wake up. However, this is time you should be spending getting ready for the day, not looking at Instagram and Twitter. If you save this at least until lunchtime or better when you get home, then there’s another good 20-30 minutesyou’re saving for your morning.

Always assume the journey will take longer than it actually does

If Google Maps says that a journey from A to B will get you there at 4:00 pm, aim for 3:45 pm instead. There are always things that can delay a commute, like a train malfunction or heavy traffic, so it’s best to assume there will be interruptions and give yourself a time buffer.

Get up when your alarm goes off

It’s always hard to jump out of bed like a Positive Pete when your alarm goes off, but if you get into the habit of snoozing, you’re just making it harder on yourself as it gets later and later. Put your alarm on the other side of the room, and when it goes off, you’ll have no choice but to physically get up and walk over to turn it off.

Enjoy the journey!

Finally, if you have a 30-minute train ride or drive, make it your time to listen to a podcast, a new album, read a book, or simply have some alone, thinking time. If you enjoy the traveling part, then it won’t seem like such a chore to get to where you’re going.