America is watching out. 21% of Americans say they wear a smartwatch or a fitness tracker that tells the time on a regular basis. This statistic accounts for only a small amount of the watches for men and women that Americans wear.

If you are looking for a convenient accessory, you should consider wearing a watch. But you must be knowledgeable about how to wear a watch.

How should a watch fit around your wrist? How can you match a watch to your attire? What kinds of watches should you buy?

Answer these questions and you can tell the time while remaining stylish. Here is your quick guide.

Find the Right Fit

The size of your watch is its most underrated quality. A big watch will look cartoony while a small watch will not be useful to you. You should be able to check the time without straining your eyes or moving your hand in front of your face.

The watch should fit comfortably on your wrist. It should be tight enough that it stays in place while you move your hand and arm. If it slides or feels too tight, you need to adjust the strap.

Place Your Watch on the Wrist

Many people know that their watch should go on their wrist. But they don’t know where exactly on their wrist it should go.

Your ulna is a bone that runs down your forearm. It sticks out on one side of your wrist, forming a bump there.

The side of your watch strap should be adjacent to it without fitting over the top of the bone. You should then point the face of your watch toward your eyes.

Match Your Watch to Your Clothes

While you are holding your arms by your sides, your sleeve can cover your watch. But while you bend your arm, your watch should be exposed.

The aesthetics of your watch should associate with the aesthetics of your clothes. Dress watches contain dark straps that match a suit jacket and pants. Sport watches are lightweight and work well with athletic clothes.

Adjust to Different Types of Watches

You should not own just one watch. You should own a spare in case your first watch breaks.

If wearing a watch is something you find attractive, you should consider buying a watch from a different company. You can look into  H2HUB watches, including watches for women.

How to Wear a Watch

Study how to wear a watch before you buy one. The watch should fit perfectly on your wrist, remaining in place as you move your hands. Wrap the strap next to your ulna.

Be mindful of how your watch looks. You want a strap that contains the colors of your outfit. When you are dressing formally, you want a formal watch.

An easy way to adapt your watch to your outfit is to have multiple watches. Look into companies that offer products for everyone.

Watches are only one important fashion accessory. Read more fashion guides by following our coverage.