national-infertility-awareness-weekThis post is one of many that you will find throughout the week on No Ordinary Homestead about infertility, because this blog has been dedicated to National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24-30). This is being done to raise awareness on behalf of the millions of people, male and female, who have ever been infertile or are considered infertile today. Learn more about why I’m doing this.

Infertility is a complicated and complex adventure that has so many facets. Every individual who is diagnosed with fertility issues is instantly thrown into a world of abbreviations, acronyms, medical procedures and medications to decipher. There are volumes of information to learn and become familiar with in order for you to understand what your doctors are saying to you, and to know the right questions to ask. After all — it is up to you to fully educate yourself if you find yourself embarking on a journey into this foreign territory.

Melissa Ford, who is the author of the blog, Stirrup Queens and the editor of the daily Lost and Found, has written Navigating the Land of IF as a sort of tour guide through the land of infertility. It shares details about her experiences and those of others as they have traveled through this territory and all the land mines it hides. The Land of If got its name not only because “IF” is the abbreviation for “infertility” in the online world, but also because there are so many “ifs” inherent in being here.

The Land of IF is considered to be an island and your mission while there is to survive without losing yourself or your loved ones. Navigating The Land of IF covers important lessons that are only passed along from infertile person to infertile person: learning the lingo so a person can be assertive with her own treatment; feeling empowered when searching for the words to explain infertility to someone living back on the Mainland; and maintaining friendships through infertility, a crisis known for inducing jealousy and self-anger.

I appreciated the conversational tone in which the book is written. Although there is a lot of technical material being covered, I never felt like it was time to pull out the dictionary. it is easy to read and comprehend the material, and it might even make you smile despite the heaviness of the subject. I think this book is perfect for someone who is new to the world of infertility, or friends, family and others who have loved ones dealing with fertility issues. It gives a great overview of things you need to know (injections, dealing with your emotions, understanding all the options from meds to IVF to adoption to living child-free) and has a huge resources section.

Read an excerpt from Navigating the Land of IF.

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Navigating the Land of If

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