Teenagers can be notoriously hard to buy for. They are no longer little children who you can choose for and who will be pleased with almost anything you buy for them, and they’re not adults who might prefer homeware items or more sophisticated gifts. So just what can you buy for a teenager? Here are three great ideas.

Grown Up Toys 

When you think of toys, you may think of stuffed bears, dolls, and things like Lego, none of which would be entirely right for a teenager. However, these are not the only toys available, and if you were to look around for something that a teenager would be able to enjoy, you might come across electric skateboards, for example, or a bike that can be used throughout the year in the yard or out in the street or other outside space.

These ‘toys’ will give your teenager the freedom they need to go and explore without you, and they are exciting enough that those who love these forms of extreme sports will be able to enjoy them immensely.

Gift Cards 

When you are buying clothes for children, it is easy. You are the one who chooses what they wear, and they won’t really have much of a say in it. As they get older, and certainly when they are teenagers, this is no longer the case; not only will they want to choose their own clothes, but they will have their own style and taste too. This means that buying clothes for a teenager will be difficult – just because you like something doesn’t mean that they will, and you could end up choosing something that wouldn’t suit them at all.

If you want to give the gift of fashion, it’s best to offer a gift card instead. Load it up with a specific amount of money and let them choose exactly what they want. They’ll love spending the money on the card, and picking what they like, and what suits them.


Jewelry can be the ideal gift for either a boy or a girl, and it is something special that they will be able to keep forever. Whether it’s a necklace or chain, a ring, a brooch, or earrings, it doesn’t need to be everyday wear; it can be something for a special occasion, or just to keep as a reminder of a loved one.

It’s true that jewelry can be just as individual as clothing when it comes to style, but if you are buying a special ring or anklet then it doesn’t need to match any specific item of clothing. You could gift it as a keepsake rather than something that will be worn all the time.

You might also want to give a teenager (especially on a special birthday such as a 13th or 18th) a piece of jewelry that has been passed on down the family. This is a wonderful gift as it means so much and will be cherished.