Buying the farm – Would you do it again?

From time to time, I get interesting emails from readers like you. Sometimes they’re about recipes found here on No Ordinary Homestead. And sometimes they’re questions about getting a visa to live in Germany (which I really know very little about). And...


10 Facts To Make Your New Life in Germany Easier

If you are considering moving to Germany in the near future or have recently moved here, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind. The following list is just a small sampling of information that you will need to know when you move here, and you can find...


moving overseas with pets

So you want to move to Germany… Moving with Pets

Happy Wednesday friends! And what a cool one it is. Mom asked me to do something super useful today which is talk about moving to Germany with your pets. I’m not actually one of those pets because my ancestors were imported to Germany long before I was ever...


german drivers license reciprocity

So you want to move to Germany… Driving A Car

When people think of Germany, a lot of them think of driving on the Autobahn without a care in the world, as fast as their car will take them. Unfortunately, that dream isn’t quite as realistic anymore thanks to trucks, traffic and speed restrictions in a lot of...


So you want to move to Germany… Walking & Bicycling

Unlike many places in the US, Germany and Europe in generally built to allow people to get from point A to point B without using a car. They may not always walk there, but instead use bikes or even public transport — but for the most part, people do a whole lot...


germany public transport

So you want to move to Germany… Public Transport

Imagine this if you can… You move to a new country and some of the first things you buy are a washing machine and a kitchen (a topic I will later get into), but not a car. And you don’t move your car over with you either. But you’ve grown up in a...