With the holiday season looming, it’s hard not to think about entering into a food coma induced by turkey and stuffing, or my personal favorite: mashed potatoes. If that isn’t your speed, don’t worry; December is just around the corner and that welcomes joyous thoughts of holiday cookies and the seemingly 24/7 marathon of Elf. During a time where some people can suffer from holiday stress, it can be a good idea to do something for yourself, or better yet, something that can also help others without a ton of effort. So, dads, before November passes, consider growing out your facial hair for No-Shave November.

Stefan started growing out his beard last year, and I love the way he looks! So much so that he’s still growing it a year later.

What Is No-Shave November

No-Shave November is a movement that raises awareness for men battling health concerns like prostate cancer. About one in nine men will suffer from prostate cancer during their lifetime. During the month of November, the No-Shave November organization encourages men to grow out their facial hair to spark conversations about the disease and its treatments, as hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Growing out your beard helps break the common stigma of men tending to be timid when it comes to openly talking about their health or willingly going to a doctor. By participating in No-Shave November, you’re bound to spark a conversation, and when that happens, you become an advocate for an amazing cause.

How to Get Started

If you’re looking to make a 360 impact, you may want to keep a few of the following tips in mind…

  1. Before you start your beard journey, begin by giving yourself a clean shave so you can understand how your facial hair grows. After that, ditch the razor for the month. While your facial hair grows in, be prepared for your kids to make fun of any patchiness and take it in stride. But, they shouldn’t be making fun of the way your head hair looks because that is something you’re allowed to control over the month. If hair loss is something you deal with, use this month as a motivator to take care of your locks overall, even those on your scalp. Try out a prescription pill for hair loss to stimulate hair growth, keeping your whole look on point. If your hair and beard are coming in nice, it might be worth a trip to the barber or salon for some expert styling tips. Check out more information on male pattern baldness to stay informed on how to best help that head of hair!
  2. After you get some style tips for your hair, don’t forget about the rest of your look. With cooler weather on the way, many experts suggest layering your outfits for men and women. This doesn’t only add an element to your outfit, but it also allows you to be flexible if you get too cool or warm. If the trendy expert picks aren’t for you, there’s plenty of timeless classics to check out as well.
  3. Taking care of your beard is a must as the month continues. Consider washing your beard as you would your hair twice a week to keep it clean. Brushing it through with a comb, or applying beard oil daily will help you fight the urge to itch your beard in the early stages. Aside from helping your beard look good, this will also keep it clean of stray hairs.
  4. Finally, read up on No-Shave November and the cause you’re supporting. When someone asks you why you’re growing your beard, you will be able to speak with confidence about the issues surrounding men’s health and the stigmas around it. Then, be sure you’re incorporating what you learn into your own daily life. With the holidays approaching, it’s always a good idea to take care of your physical well-being.Not only is this a good practice, but physical exercise can also produce increased levels of testosterone which promotes hair growth.

When the month is over, keeping the beard is up to you. However, what you did was a selfless act that will definitely bring awareness and start a conversation around a real issue for people who battle every day.