Meta: Italian cuisine is famous all over the world. It has influenced various cuisines. If you wish to visit Italy and go on an eat Italy tour, then you should know some of the top foods there. Go through the following for more info.

If you haven’t been to Italy, then you should make a point of visiting that country. Italy has magnificent scenery, rich history, exceptional culture, plus tasty foods. When it comes to Italian cuisine, the country offers numerous popular meals for you to sample. For keto lovers, you can also find a lovely Italian keto diet. Without much ado, here are 5 Italian foods for you to eat.

1. Tiramisù

This is one incredible dessert in which various cities plus regions have stated that they came up with it with Venice having the most convincing case. This is one Italian dish you will fall in love with, a dish which is very sweet plus it’s a calorie-laden confection of a caffeine energy boost, cocoa plus creamy mascarpone. Where can you try it while in Venice? Well, Venice has various versions of tiramisù since there are many restaurants plus pastry shops. Some of the best places to eat in Venice Italy include the I Tre Mercanti and the Alle Testiere.

2. Risotto

top 5 foods to eat in Italy

Rice is a famous ingredient in Italy. In this case, it’s used to make this tasty dish called Risotto. When making Risotto, rice is mixed with broth, veggies, plus spices to come up with a creamy plus tasty dish. The broth can consist of fish, meat, or veggies. Various types entail butter, parmesan cheese, plus onion. This dish is arguably the most popular appetizer in Italian food. It’s a must-eat in Italy. Various regions revel in their distinct risottos.

3. Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

In case you have an ‘eat Italy’ theme while visiting Rome, Italy, then Carbonara is one dish you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The origins of this great dish aren’t that clearly defined. Since the name is derived from Carbonaro (meaning charcoal burner), most people say that it was a famous dish amongst the Italian charcoal workers. Moreover, others say that it is linked to a secret Italian society called Carbonari (charcoal men).

Ingredients used to make the spaghetti alla carbonara are eggs, Pecorino Romano cheese, guanciale, plus black pepper. Remember not to utilize cream when making.  If you wish to savor this dish while in Rome, the best places to eat include the Vascello, Da Danilo, and Salumeria Roscioli.

4. Pizza

top 5 foods to eat in Italy

Pizza is one of the famous dishes around the world. Children love it. Grown-ups also love it. Pizza is Italy’s national food, thus it’s a dish that promotes the ‘eat Italy’ theme around the world; not just in Italy. In addition to it being a simple food to make, there are different versions plus styles of it.

Basic pizza consists of freshly made base coupled with tomato sauce plus cheese topping. With pizza, you can include pretty much any food topping you desire, such as mushrooms, sausage, ham, onion, among others. Even though you can purchase a frozen pizza in many supermarkets, it won’t match freshly prepared pizza from Italy. In various restaurants in Italy, pizza can be made in an oven with stone blocks over the source of heat, or a wood-fired brick stove. With deck stoves, the pizza can be put in the oven on a lengthy paddle referred to as a peel and then directly cooked atop the hot bricks. As mentioned, you can find this dish all over Italy. For instance, the best places to eat in Florence Italy include the Il Santo Bevitore and Fuoco Matto.

5. Lasagna

Lasagna (or Lasagne) is a type of food that’s said to have its origins in Naples. It’s a delicious Italian dish prepared through baking layers of lasagne pasta that are layered with cheese, veggies, ground meat, plus various sauces, for example, béchamel and ragù. For a real taste of Italian cooking, you should make sure you try this dish when you visit Italy. Some of the best places to eat in Naples Italy include Osteria da Antonio and Cavoli Nostri.


The above are just some of the foods which ought to be on your list of what to eat in Italy. Italian foods are quite delicious. Whichever Italian city you go to, ensure you visit some of the best restaurants there to get a taste of what authentic Italian cuisine has to offer. Moreover, if you wish to prepare Italian foods at home, you can get to eat drink Italy recipes from various Internet sources. Have you ever sampled Italian cuisine?


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