is no longer an active website, but as the author and editor of Foodie Naples, I wanted the articles about Naples’ great restaurants to live on. There are literally hundreds of restaurants in Naples, and it’s hard to make heads or tails of them sometimes. So I moved our experiences in dining our Naples into my own blog, No Ordinary Homestead.

I still live and work in Naples, and frequently visit many of the local restaurants, so I will continue to add to this section of the site. Subscribe to the newsletter if you’d like updates. Or if you’d like to reach out me about a promotion or opening, please email me at [email protected].

Dining Deals in Naples

Family Night in Naples for $50 or Less

After the huge success of our recent post about heading out for a night on Fifth Avenue South with only $50 in our pocket to spend for the whole date night evening (which was a great time), we decided to make cheap meals and entertainment, whether with friends, your spouse or the family, and more a regular feature on This time around, we decided to see if we can have a great night out as a family of 3, without spending a fortune. And guess what? We had dinner, drinks, mini-golf and dessert for under $50 bucks! Read on to learn more about our night

Dinner for Two for Under $50 on 5th Avenue South

Are there really any good dining deals in Naples anymore?? While there are lots and lots of deals available in newspapers, online and via other coupon offers, how do you know what is a really good bargain — and what you’ll regret later. This is the message we posted on the Foodie Naples Facebook page not quite a week ago:
“Can you have date night on $50 on 5th Ave S.? We will try out how far our fist full of bills will take us tonight.”

Restaurants in Downtown Naples

Glass Art on the Hidden Veranda E

We recently had the great pleasure of attending a wonderful evening called Dinner With Artists, which is put on by the Naples Art Association. It was a mixture of entertainment, learning and delicious food, which was a perfect equation for fun.

A Chat with Chef Vincenzo @ Osteria Tulia

In the middle of Fifth Avenue South, you will find Osteria Tulia, offering authentic rustic Italian cuisine and atmosphere. As you approach the restaurant, you feel like you’re taking a trip to the back roads of Italy.

Inside 5th Avenue Coffee & 6th Street Cafe

Fifth Avenue South is one of Naples most visited areas when people want to do some shopping or explore fine dining options. But not every place on Fifth Avenue includes extreme price tags.

Taste Testing at Zizi Restaurant & Lounge

Zizi Restaurant & Lounge, located in the Bellasera Hotel near 5th Avenue, is not your usual hotel restaurant. With Executive Chef Dylan Evans in the kitchen, regulars enjoy the Wednesday prime rib special or lobster night on Fridays. But no matter when you go, you can expect friendly service, great food and well mixed drinks.

Taste Testing at Brooks’ Burgers

If you are a fan of junk food and burgers that “wow” but think you’ll only find them on TV, think again. Right here in Naples, just off of 5th Avenue on 41, is one of Naples best kept secrets — Brooks’ Burgers.

A Look Inside HobNob

Nestled between the hustle and bustle of the usual fair of Fifth Avenue South, you will find one of Naples’ newest and most unique restaurants, HobNob. Only open since mid-December 2013, HobNob has already been named one of Open Table’s Hottest 100 Restaurants. And for good reason. The restaurant offers the younger crowd (30- to 50-somethings) of Naples a place to let their hair down while they socialize and enjoy a menu of clean, fresh American cuisine in a fun environment — something Naples desperately needs.

Restaurants in Central Naples

Getting to Know Beefstro’s Gourmet Beefs

Just off Naples Boulevard (in the JoAnn Fabric’s shopping center near Costco), there is a place where natives of Chicago seem to gravitate. It’s almost as if they can smell the beef and the Chicago dawgs in the air. And you know if the natives and visitors from Chicago fill the restaurant on a regular basis — the food is definitely authentic and totally delicious.

Inside Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria

Although it’s been open since April 2011, not many people know that Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria is there, tucked away in the NE corner of Pine Ridge and Goodlette-Frank by the Starbucks. If we hadn’t been told about it by a friend, we probably still never would have gone in there, despite driving past it almost daily. When you do go, you will find a down to earth, amazingly delicious New York-style Italian restaurant. Our first visit several months ago left us with full bellies and a great taste in our mouth so I highly recommend you check them out.

Restaurants in North Naples

Inside AZN Naples Azian Cuizine

Located in Naples’ Mercato, AZN Azian Cuizine offers traditional Asian dishes with a modern twist, bringing great flavor and a beautiful atmosphere to your dining experience. On their website, they describe it as “upscale PanAsian cuisine” which really says it all, and you will find traditional dishes like Mongolian Beef and Chicken Teriyaki as well as Sushi.

Foodie Insights in Naples

Your Pro Kitchen Naples

During our last few weeks of meeting people in the foodie scene of Naples and getting to know lots of business owners, we have found that there are a surprisingly large number of independent and smaller catering and bakery companies within Collier County. And operating under the full restraints of local laws is not all that easy if you think you’re just going to pop open a company and start making food in your kitchen.

Where to Find Good BBQ in Naples

When you’re in the mood for a good down-home style meal, you can never go wrong with BBQ. Slow cooked ribs, smoked meats and BBQ sandwiches — just thinking about the flavorful meat makes my mouth water. So if you’ve got a hankering for BBQ in Naples, FL, tonight, here’s where you might want to visit. And don’t ya’ll forget to tell ‘em Foodie Naples sent ya.

Farmers’ Markets in Naples

When you are seeking local produce and plenty of delicious veggies, fruits, fresh seafood, pasta, baked goods and more, there’s no better place to go than a farmers’ market in Naples. Unfortunately, you’ll usually need to wait for the weekend to catch one.

Shoppes at Vanderbilt Farmers Market

If you are a farmers’ market fan in Naples, Florida, you know that the summers are not only very hot, but they also make it difficult to find all of your favorite fresh produce and other goodies. Many of the seasonal markets are only around from October until May. See a complete list of farmers’ markets in Naples FL.